The Black Dog Newsletter: This is the End: So Long, Farewell and Goodbye.


The Black Dog Newsletter: This is the End: So Long, Farewell and Goodbye.

Well here we are. The last train has pulled out of the station. The lights have been dimmed, the ham chilled. For the past 24 ½ years I’ve steered this video store from it’s humble beginnings (those wild-west days were so much fun: Parties. Friends. Good times.!) across the street on Cambie with its AstroTurf floors, bulky VHS tapes and dog biscuit rental tags (which did not last even a day as they were eaten by the first dog came into the shop!) to the current location in all it’s faded glory.

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New Releases

(all titles Commercial Drive location except Capone)


After Midnight – Horror/Sci-fi/drama about a guy who starts to crack after his girlfriend disappears. Oh and there seems to be some sort of monster in the woods! Blu Ray only.


Before We Vanish – Sci-fi/drama from Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Cure) about 3 aliens who come to earth to get ready for a massive alien invasion. Don’t the aliens know there’s a plague happening?!


Capone – Tom Hardy is old man Capone as he starts to go nuts after 10 years in the slammer.


Judy & Punch – Puppeteers run afoul of the mob and other things.


The Mover – Latvian drama about a guy trying to save Jews during the Holocaust. A Latvian Schindler’s List if you will.


Mr. Jones – Excellent drama about a Welsh journalist who breaks the news of the horrible famine in the Soviet Union in the 1930s. From director Agnieszka Holland.

Coming Soon!

(later this week)

Trip to Greece
Wolf Hour
Cursed Films
Mr. Mercedes S3
Open 24 Hours
Superman: Man of Tomorrow

That’s it for this week folks. There won’t be a newsletter next week as I’m taking a small break.

Hope to see you in the shops soon!

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