The Black Dog Newsletter: “Things to Know About Re-Opening! Edition!”


Maybe it’s too soon to open things back up, maybe it’s not. I guess time (or an alien bursting out of your chest) will tell. We will be opening on a regular basis starting Friday (29th) from noon till 6pm at both shops. I imagine that we’ll be expanding those hours as we see fit. We’re going to keep the pre-ordering and pick-up service available but only for Wednesdays and Saturdays and see how that goes (doing it everyday may cause my head to explode). Same format as before – online or email – .

I’m sure that you know the drill for popping into the shops – only 5 patrons at a time, give each other space and time, be patient, please no looky-llos killing time before your foot massage appointment, etc. Be nice.

Stuff that we’re doing to make things safe include: installing a plexiglass barrier between us and them, wearing of masks as we see fit, wiping down incoming returns and we’re also having the entire shops disinfected (lasts up to 3 months!) from this company here. Sounds like fun!

We’re also going to be continuing with our fabulous deals everyday! Rent 5 catalogue titles for $15 – keep for a week or even longer if you ask nicely, and rent 2 New Releases and get a 3rd for FREE! And even more news – all late charges incurred up to Friday the 29th will be forgiven! This includes any pre-apocalypse fees. (You can always tip us if you feel guilty!)

New Releases

(Arriving sometime this week or early next week)


The Hunt – The most dangerous game! Humans! 12 folks wake up in a field (been there!) only to find they have to participate in The Hunt!


I Wish I Knew – Sprawling Chinese epic about the opening of Shanghai as a trading port in the 1800s. From the guy who made the top notch Ash is Purest White.


Never Rarely Sometimes Often – Heavy drama about two girls who have to travel from Pennsylvania to New York to obtain an abortion. Don’t get me started!


Outback – A young American couple find themselves struggling for survival in the dangerous Australian outback! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, not going to Australia.


The Watchmen Season 1 – TV show version of the movie that was a adaptation of the comic book that sprang from the demented mind of Allan Moore. Heard very fine things.

Coming Soon!

Last Moments of Clarity
Creepshow S1
The Lodge
Once Were Brothers
Extra Ordinary

That’s it for this week folks. There was a ton of stuff I wanted to go over – oh ya! Tuesday at Commercial and Wednesday at Cambie are our last curb-side dates before we open on Friday. Get your orders in asap – but I forget the other stuff. Stay tuned and stay healthy…

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