Covid – 4th Wave! Climate disaster! Furries! What is even happening anymore? Oh, the Drive.

So we’re a few weeks away from launching our new website and E-Commerce dealie! Looking forward to showing y’all what we have for you including 2 new T-Shirt designs, 2 new coffee mug designs, posters, movies and much more! Stay tuned!

New Releases!

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard – Sequel to the surprisingly entertaining Hitman’s Bodyguard. What’s next The Hitman’s Lawn Maintenance Guy? The Hitman’s Zeppelin Pilot? The Hitman’s Skeezy Uncle?

House of Cardin – Nice looking doc about the famed designer.

I Care A Lot – Fun dramady about an unscrupulous legal guardian who swindles elderly folks out of their money. What happens when she targets the wrong old lady?

Moby Doc – Cool, somewhat surreal doc, about the famed bald musician.

Peter Rabbit 2 – More crazy antics from everyone’s favourite rabbit named Peter.

Saint Maud – Can’t wait to check out this well-received horror number about a pious nurse becoming obsessed with a dying patient.

Sublet – Gay-themed drama about a NY Times writer going to Tel-Aviv after some sort of tragedy in his life.

There is No Evil – Heavy duty drama from Iran that looks at the moral implications of the death penalty. Be a good double bill with Peter Rabbit 2.

Sweet Older Titles New to the Shop!

The Black Marble
Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker aka Night Warning – Blu Ray –
Concrete Night
Grandmother’s House – DVD and Blu Ray
Icy Breasts

Coming Soon!

The Conjuring 3: Devil Made Me Do It
In the Heights
Sitting Target
Spirit Untamed
Total Control
The Waterman

That’s it for this week folks! Hope to see you in the shop soon! Stay safe!

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