The Black Dog Newsletter: Spring Cleaning Edition!


Tis the season, the season of lovely weather and unburdening yourself of unwanted relics of your past. So when you’re done bounding through the fields in the sunshine, pack up your old DVDs and Blu Rays and donate them to your favourite local Black Dog Video! We’ll take donations of anything and will pay actual cash or in-store credit for selected items.

Selected Items include:

~ classics
~ horror
~ sci-fi
~ music DVDs
~ westerns
~ foreign language films

(not looking for much in the line of current Hollywood cinema)

These things help us to keep going and are appreciated immensely.

New Releases!


Boss Level – Frank Grillo is in the future and stuck in a deadly time loop! What does Mad Mel and Naomi Watts have to do with it? Find out! Looks pretty fun. (Blu Ray coming soon!)


Brothers by Blood – Large hunky men abound in this Philadelphia mob movie.


The Dark and The Wicked – Pretty good and scary affair finds a couple of siblings returning to their family farm to help out with dying dad. Things don’t go well.


Death Ranch – Great title (give me a film with “monkey” or “ranch” in the title and I’m sold!)! A trio of African-American siblings are on the run from some cannibalistic KKK cultists. As if regular KKK half-wits weren’t bad enough!


Fukashima 50 – Workers at the doomed nuclear plant stay behind to prevent a total meltdown and the destruction of Japan and maybe even all of planet earth after a deadly earthquake and tsunami. Scary stuff!


Mallorca Files Season 1 – Fun hi-jinks ensue when a British and German detective clash over how to solve crimes on the lovely island of Mallorca.


Mapplethorpe – Docu-drama about the famed controversial photographer. Stars the guy who played Prince Philip on The Crown. Hah.


The Mortuary Collection – Pretty good horror anthology starring the fine Clancy Brown!


Red Cow – Israeli coming-of-age tale set against the backdrop of the assassination of Rabin. And has a cow in it. Fun!

Older Catalogue titles for your enjoyment!

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia – BR
Grizzly II – BR
Crossed Swords
The Hunting Party
Pillow Talk
A Lonely Place to Die

Coming Soon!

Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar
I Blame Society
My Salinger Year
That’ll be the Day
The Wild Life

Female Prisoner Scorpion: Complete Series BR
Memories of Murder BR
Switchblade Sisters BR

That’s it for this week folks. Don’t forget to tune into our Podcast and my “Films I Should Have Seen By Now” (new one coming very soon!) videos on our new website ~! Have a great sunny week and we’ll talk at you soon!

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