The Black Dog Newsletter September 11-16 “Day Late and Something Something Edition!”


Sorry for the delay in getting this tome into your eager ears. I had to lend Dylan my computer so he could edit our podcast (which has been AWOL for far too long). He stayed up all night drinking coffee, popping Quaaludes and working on it. But it’s ready to go, give it a listen here!

Lots of good stuff on the shelves this week, so let’s have at it.

New Releases!


Bad Black and Who Killed Captain Alex – Amazing double bill of two insane, no-budget action masterpieces from Uganda. Best in Da World! (At Commercial, was at Cambie)


Country Music – Ken Burns’ sprawling history of country music. I don’t even like country music and I want to watch this! Love me some KB!


The Dead Don’t Die – So Jim Jaramuch has made this zombie film and a vampire movie (Only Lovers Left Alive). Is he working through all the horror monsters now? Looking forward to his take on Killer Alligators, Freddie Krugers, Swamp Things and so on.


John Wick 3: Perineum – More John Wick-edness! Super violent! Horses! Motorcycles! Libraries! Eye-stabbing! Head shots! So many head shots. Loved it. Weird title though.


Late Night – Writer and star, Mindy Kaling, is affirmatively-action hired to write for a failing talk show. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.


Nekrotronik – Guy has a job destroying internet demons. I don’t even understand what I just wrote.


True Detective Season 3 – Forget the mediocre Season 2, sink your teeth into the far superior #3. Stars the always great Mahershala Ali! (Note – I accidentally bought more than I need and have one copy for sale at each store for cost, $29.99. Please buy it)

And a certain release we’re not supposed to mention, rhymes with Shmiladdin.

Coming Soon!

X-Men: Dark Phoenix
The Last Man in San Francisco
What we Do in the Shadows Season 1
Polyester (Criterion)
Echo in the Canyon
Wild Rose

That’s it for this week folks! The rains are a comin’! Best to grab some great movies, food, wine, if it pleases you, and settle in.

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