The Black Dog Newsletter “Rise of the Empire Edition!”


The Black Dog Newsletter “Rise of the Empire Edition!”

So we here at Black Dog Video we are taking steps to boldly enter the 21st Century! Coming soon…”The Black Dog Video Empire” will be spreading it’s tentacles into the far reaches of Youtube! We will be launching a fun and lovely project to entertain and delight in the next few weeks! Also stay tuned for a very special event happening on November 13th, 2020. Many details to follow!

New Releases!


AVA – Jessica Chastain is an international assassin. That’s about all you need to know.


The British Invasion: Beatles, Stones and The Who – Wonderful-looking (and long) documentary about your parent’s favourite bands. (At Commercial)


The Burnt Orange Heresy – Fun-looking art-heist movie. Stars Claes Bang. That’s about all you need to know.


Capital in the Twenty-First Century – Follow the money. Great doc on the history of wealth and money and (probably) terrible people. (At Commercial)


Deep Blue Sea 3 – Hey humans, stop making genetically modified sharks! You keep getting the same results!


Guest of Honour – Atom Egoyan’s latest drama centres on possible abuse and food inspection.


The King of Staten Island – Judd Apatow’s latest centres on a weed smoking wanna-be tattoo artist who must confront the realities of reality.


Town Bloody Hall – Great doc about a debate between Norman Mailer and Germaine Greer and other outspoken women in 1971.


Washington – Mini-series about George Washington, his likes and dislikes, his turn-ons and turn-offs. I heard he likes long walks in the rain on the beach while eating Chinese food. (At Commercial)

Coming Soon!

After Midnight
Before We Vanish
Judy & Punch
The Mover
Mr. Jones
The Tobacconist
The Trip to Greece
A White White Day

Also, if you’re interested in ordering any sweet boxes sets or movies, let us know. We can usually beat the Scamazon price and you’d be supporting a local business rather than giving the richest dork in the world more money. I doubt he needs a new space yacht.

That’s it for this week (recommendations on what to watch can be found here). Stay safe, stay hydrated and support your local businesses. They need your help more now than ever!

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