The Black Dog Newsletter: “Pop-Ups Galore Edition!”


So it seems that many folks still are interested in grabbing some films from us as they make their way through these plague riddled times. I can help you with that. After doing a few “pop-up” openings at the stores in the last couple of weeks I’ve decided to do some more! I figure we can do twice at week at each location. Wednesday and Saturday at Commercial and Thursday and Sunday at Cambie. Noon until 3pm. As before, send me your orders – – and I’ll do my best to have them ready for pick up. You can e-transfer me your dough, call in with a credit card or pay in-store. And as usual, the rules of conduct apply (see below).

Oh, and I should mention that our deals are still in effect – rent 2 of the New Releases and get a 3rd FREE. We have all the current ones – The Star War, Little Women, Doolittle, the final season of Mr. Robot, or torture yourself with Cats! And there’s more on the way!

Or pick up 5 beautiful (or ugly) catalogue titles (non-new releases) for $10.

Black Dog Rules Of Conduct

no more than 3-4 humans in the store at one time
no browsing. If you need help finding things, just ask
do not lurch up to and lean in and on the desk. Please respect the tape on the floor as it is not purely decorative.
be respectful of everyone in the store and stay a safe distance. No touching, licking, making out or taking your shoes off in the store.

One fun thing that I’m doing with my sprog is a little film appreciation class. If you’re interested in checking out what we’re watching and chiming in with thoughts or suggestions go here or on Facebook here!

Let’s hope that we can all get through this intact. I’m still hoping for some serious rent help from the government so we can weather this thing. Like, come on banks, maybe look at the $30 Billion dollars you make a year in profit and see fit to suspend our landlord’s, all small business’s landlord’s, mortgages for the time being. It really shouldn’t fall on the little folks, like us, whose margins are slim at the best of times. Time to step up.

Sorry for the minor rant. Carry on and be safe.

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4 replies
  1. Jay Hamburger and Atty Gell
    Jay Hamburger and Atty Gell says:

    Hi Black-Dog,
    c/o Alex and Co.,
    We were wondering if we could order a couple of flics. How do we go about it with you all at Black Dog on the Drive? We will need a tad of time to pick out a few films…but if you also have two or three suggestions we will look into it.
    Jay Hamburger – 604-708-1454

  2. Paula Peres
    Paula Peres says:

    Hello Darren,
    Pretty sure we were able to rent this from you previously: “Truly Madly,Deeply “on DVD or BluRay…do you still have it? Interested also in “Parasite”.Any luck with that?

    cheers and thanks,

    • Darren
      Darren says:

      I think we have Truly Madly Deeply. I’ll have to check when I get to the store. And yes we do have Parasite. Are you planning on dropping by the Cambie shop tomorrow?


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