The Black Dog Newsletter! Plugging Along Edition!

The Black Dog Newsletter! Plugging Along Edition!

February already, eh? These days/months seems to glide into each other like an old foot in a new sock. Hoping that everyone is keeping their heads above water. Don’t forget about us. Here’s some things we have for you!

New Releases!


The Expanse S4 – If you like the sci-fi and haven’t seen this show, you should remedy that. Top notch.


Madre – A mother’s son disappeared 10 years ago. Why does this waiter remind her of him? It’s a mystery, a Spanish mystery!


Midnight Family – Did you know that there’s only 45 ambulances in Mexico City? Seems ripe for a burgeoning underground ambulance service. This doc/thriller looks pretty tight.


Miss Juneteenth – Getting ready for the Miss Juneteenth pageant can be quite dramatic in this nice-looking drama.


Monsoon – A British/Vietnamese fella returns to Saigon for the first time in 30 years where he meets another fella.


Rudeboy: Story of Trojan Records – The love affair between Jamaican and British youth culture is told through the story of the iconic Trojan records in this fine doc.


Sea Fever – Scary Irish water movie about trawlers and parasites and underwaterness.


Skylines – I think this is part 3 (there’s a 3 in the title!) of this series. Who knew?! Aliens and things are in store for you.


Summerland – Lovely WWII drama about a woman who opens her home (and her heart!) to an evacuee.

Coming Soon!

Lost Girls and Love Hotels
All Creatures Great and Small
Minding the Gap
Sky Sharks
Wander Darkly
Bomb City
Grizzly II: The Revenge
Love & Monsters
The Other Lamb
The Wolf House

Hey! Have you seen our Youtube Channel (new Black Dog Empire website is coming soon as well!)? Lots of nifty things there (more to come very soon as well) including all 13 hours of our Friday the 13th marathon! Subscribe (it’s free) and make us feel good about ourselves.

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. You all take care of each other and be safe!

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