The Black Dog Newsletter: “Pick-up Lines Edition!”


So after a lovely and busy successful curb-side pick-up affair we had last Saturday, we’re going to continue with this mode of getting the films into your bleached hands! Tomorrow (Tuesday the 14th) we will be doing such a thing at the Commercial shop from 3-6. The usual procedures will be in effect – email me your requests at (please specify DVD or Blu Ray and payment method – e-transfers work great but cash is also acceptable) and I’ll let you know tomorrow what we have for you and when it will be ready. Bring a bag, space yourselves accordingly and please return your films.

Check out our website for (almost) daily updates including upcoming pick-up dates (probably this weekend!).

One unfortunate note – we won’t be getting The Gentlemen or Underwater anytime soon as the facilities that produce them are closed at the moment. But stay tuned.

New Releases


Bad Boys For Life – Now I can rest easy in my grave knowing that the trilogy is complete.


IP Man 4: IP Man Boogaloo – Can you handle some more IP Man? I can!


Just Mercy – Civil rights lawyering guy works to free a wrongly accused fellow who’s hanging out on death row.


Like a Boss – Two friends with very different ideals decide to go into business together. Great idea. At least this is a comedy.


World on Fire Season 1 – WWII disrupts the lives of some British folk, Sean Bean included!


The Righteous Gemstones Season 1 – Comedy show that has John Goodman (Goodman? Greatman!) and Danny McBride as part of a family of televangelist swindlers (any other kind?).


The Turning – Tepid take on the classic The Turn of the Screw stars a young Wolf Finnhard. Watch The Innocents instead.

Coming Soon!

Guns Akimbo
Rhythm Section
I Wish I Knew
The Cremator
Jesus Rolls

I’ll send out another message later this week with times and dates for the next curb-stomp pick-up party. Stay safe, stay clean and stay hydrated. Keep banging those pots!

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