The Black Dog Newsletter October 17-23 “Celebrate Good Times Edition!”


You may have it already marked on your calendar, but this Saturday is the 8th annual International Independent Video Store Day! There’s not too many of us left so now’s a good time to get out and celebrate and support your favourite local! We’re doing our best to hang in there and provide all of you lovely humans the best cinema the world has to offer. Pop in this Saturday to enjoy rental deals – rent 2 get a 3rd free, sale offers – all of our $5 sale movies will be 2 for 1, and a cool mystery grab bag full of mysterious cool things that we’ll raffle off. There may even be balloons! Hope to see you there!

Also we have a new episode of our podcast, Black Dog After Dark, up and ready for your eager ears. Listen as Alex, Dylan and I have a few pops and give our thoughts on the classic, Switchblade Sisters!

New Releases!


The Affair Season 4 – I haven’t seen any of this show, although I hear it’s quite good, but I can’t help but think; isn’t 4 years an awfully long time to be having an affair? But what do I know?


Ant Man and the Wasp Lady – The first Ant Man movie was much better than I thought it would be and I hear number 2 is even better. Plus it has a wasp woman!


Boundaries – This sounds appealing – I like both Vera Farmiga and Chris Plummer and I like road trip movies – but word of mouth has it that this one, about a mom and her kid forced to drive her estranged pot-dealing dad across the country, is a bit of a dog. And not a good dog. Who’s a good dog! Not you.


BuyBust – Awkward title can’t slow down the intense awesome action of this “drug cops caught in a deadly maze in the slums of Manila” violent extravaganza. Sounds a bit like The Raid so I’m all in!


Prayer Before Dawn– Heavy intense violent drama tells the true story of an English pugilist incarcerated in a nasty Thai prison who has to fight in Muay Thai tournaments to earn his freedom. I’m on board with this one as well!


We Are the Flesh – Crazy, grim-sounding, maybe even shocking and disturbing, film from Mexico finds two siblings wandering the smoking ruins of a city. One day they stumble across one of the last remaining buildings where a creepy guy lives who makes them some sort of offer….

Coming Soon!

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot
Mama Mia 2: The Reckoning
Endeavor Season 4
Unfriended: Dark Web
I Think We’re Alone Now

Oh, one more thing, don’t forget the in-store signing next Friday the 26th at 7pm featuring local film hero, Tristan Risk, plus others at the Commercial location. Should be fun!

One also last thing – I hope that you’re following along and enjoying our 31 Days of Halloween recommendations. Good scary thing lie in wait for you!

Enjoy the beautiful weather, you beautiful people, you!

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