The Black Dog Newsletter October 10 – 16th “Too Many Things Edition!”

So many lovely things to tell you about this week! I’ll be as brief as possible… October 20th is International Independent Video Store Day! Come celebrate all that is wild and woolly about your favourite local; we’ll have rental and sale deals, giveaways and other things! October 26th pop into the Commercial store at 7pm for an in-store DVD signing with Tristan Risk and a bunch of other fine folks to celebrate Darkside Releasing’s Amazon Hot Box! Also don’t forget to hit up our Facebook or twitter or website for our daily dose of horror recommendations! Whew!

New Releases!


Constantine: City of Demons: The Movie – Nice animated fare featuring the rascally demon hunter, John Constantine.


Dark River – Alice, a wandering sheep-shearer, has been away for 15 years. But with the passing of her father she returns home to claim, what she believes, is her right to the family farm. I wonder if things go smoothly?


Eighth Grade – Excellent film about a young girl trying to survive her last week of a disastrous eighth grade (see title) before she hits the big time in high school.


Hotel Artemis – Cool, weird looking sci-fi number that finds Jodie Foster as a nurse who runs secret, members-only, emergency room for criminals in L.A. sometime in the near future. (should be on the shelves by the end of the week)


Hotel Transylvania 3 – The third Hotel Transylvania movie.


Okja – A young girl risks all she has to prevent her best friend – a giant strange pig-like creature – from being kidnapped by an evil multinational corporation who wants to turn it into food or something.


Skyscraper – The Rock must save his family from the world’s tallest skyscraper which is also on fire. Expect lots of unbelievable stunts and snappy one-liners from the charming mountain of muscles.


Three Identical Strangers – Three identical triplets, who were separated at birth, meet for the first time as adults and then plot their revenge. Not too sure about the revenge part of this documentary but this looks to be quite the fascinating tale.

Coming Soon

Ant Man and the Wasp Woman
Prayer Before Dawn
We Are the Flesh
The Affair Season 4

That’s it for this week, folks. One more tiny thing – we should have a fresh new episode of the podcast ready for you in a few days. Check in here!

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