The Black Dog Newsletter Oct 8-14 “On the Horizon Edition!”


It’s just over a week away until the 9th Annual International Independent Video Store Day! A day to celebrate all that is wild and wonderful about these awesome, but increasingly rare, shops. Come in on Saturday October 19th (or anytime really) and hang out and enjoy our specials and draws and all that jazz. Details to follow!

New Releases!


Annabelle Comes Home – Scary doll movie. The last scary doll movie was actually pretty scary.


Deadwood: The Movie – More fu#@ing Deadwood! F*#k ya!


Midsommar – I can’t believe I missed this in the theatres as it was my most hotly anticipated film for this year. Can’t wait to check it out asap! I love folk horror films and this, I hear, is a beaut!


Toy Story 4 – Oh, those wacky talking toys are at it again! Going on crazy adventures and stuff!


Wild Rose – Nice little music story about a troubled lass from Glasgow who dreams of making it as a country singer in Nashville. You go, girl!

Coming Soon!

The Haunting of Hill House Season 1
Marianne and Leonard: Words of Love
Framing John DeLorean
Happy Prince
Light of My Life
Red Joan

Don’t forget to check out our daily specials! Everyday of Shocktober we offer up a tasty horror recommendation. Play along here!

One more thing! If you want to order up some Criterion of Shout Factory DVDS or Blu Rays, hit us up. We’ll give you the best price around!

That’s it for this week, y’all. Be safe. Be strong.

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