The Black Dog Newsletter “Now’s the Time Edition!”


The Black Dog Newsletter “Now’s the Time Edition!”

So many things to tell you! I’ll do my best to keep it brief. There’s a great promotion from Vancity on until tomorrow. You can buy gift certificates for some local businesses and they’ll cover half! Buy a $50 GC for many shops (ours included) and only pay $25 (Vancity will cover the rest). It’s a great way to help out your favourite haunts, many of which are struggling during the plague, and save some money yourself! Offer expires on the 12th. Get on it!

There’s a new edition of the famed Black Dog After Dark podcast ready and willing to infect your brains!

Last thing – there’s a lovely new Blu Ray box set of all the Friday the 13th films coming out. Pre-order from us and save s few bucks (cheaper than Amazon and as a bonus you don’t have to buy from Amazon!) and we’ll probably get it to you sooner then that terrible company.


New Releases!


The Assistant – Intense drama that follows the assistant (see title) to a powerful executive over the course of one day. (At Commercial)


Dead Dicks – Wicked-looking comedy horror sci-fi dealie from friend of the shop, Chris Bavota, about suicide, siblings and well, I’m not going to mention anything more. Just watch it!


A Dog’s Courage – Nice animated fare about abandoned dogs finding their place in the world. (Today at Commercial, tomorrow at Cambie)


Gold Digger – An older woman is groovin’ on some young stud but is everything as it appears? Hope not, that’d be boring. (Today at Commercial, tomorrow at Cambie)


Swallow – Newly pregnant Hunter finds herself compelled to consume increasingly dangerous items. Zoinks! Here that this little number is squirm-inducingly great!


The Terror: Infamy – Loved the first season of this show. Hoping that this one, set in a Japanese internment camp during WWII, is just as good! (At Commercial)


Valley of the Gods – John Malkovich is an eccentric trillionaire(!) who pals around with his biographer, Josh Hartnett, while embracing Navajo lore in this odd duck of a movie. (Today at Commercial, tomorrow at Cambie)


You Don’t Nomi – Doc about the film Showgirls and how it went from disaster when it was released to the pinnacle of cult status. (I personally love this crazy film) (At Commercial)

Coming Soon!

Burnt Orange Heresy
Deep Blue Sea 3
Guest of Honor
The King of Staten Island
Town Bloody Hall

That’s it for this week folks. Thanks for reading. See you in the shops!

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