The Black Dog Newsletter November 4-11 “Wanted: Dead or Alive Edition!”

1Hey!I f you want to order up anything cool for the holidays, hit us up soon so we have the time to track it down and get you the goods (Criterion Godzilla or Special Edition Once Upon a Time in Hollywood comes to mind).

Hey! If any of you fine folks have, or know someone who has, any old DVDs they want to get rid of, come talk to us. We take donations of all kinds and we pay for choice items such as Criterion label, classics, older horror, westerns, cult, that type of thing. Getting our hands on this stuff helps us immensely to be able to continue to give you our best and to stay relevant in these crazy times. Thanks!

New Releases!


Escape from Stalin’s Death Camp – Sequel to Escape from Stalin’s Pool Party finds a guy, well, trying to escape from Stalin’s Death Camp which, I’m sure, was not a very nice place to be (or as fun as the pool party).


Gwen – Some atmospheric folk horror and drama are on display here as a young Welsh girl (Gwen, I assume) tries to hold her house together amidst mom’s failing health, absentee dads, a mining company’s unwanted advancements and a growing malevolent darkness…


Satanic Panic – Pizza delivery girl delivers pizza to some Satanists who are looking for some virgin blood (not a topping option!).


Barry Lyndon (Criterion Blu Ray) – Lovely new Criterion Blu Ray of one of the most beautiful films ever made. You know you want to see this!


Suspiria Blu Ray – Lovely Blu Ray version of one of the most visually astounding horror films of all time. You know you want to see this! (Commercial store only)

Coming Soon!

47 Meters Down: Uncaged!
After the Wedding
Angry Birds 2
Bunuel in the Labyrinth of Turtles
Cobra Kai: Season 1 and 2
The Farewell
Good Boys

That’s it for this week, my lovelies! If you need some inspiration on what to watch, look no further than here.


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