The Black Dog Newsletter Nov 28-Dec 4 “Hide Your Fleshy Shame Edition!”


As promised, the sweet sweet swag has arrived! We have T’s and Hoodies in one of our most-requested designs – the Black Sabbath Master of Reality font. We also have a new updated version of our famous Restricted Cat T-Shirt design! Quantities are limited on all items so you might want to move quickly! There should also be more Shout Factory Blu Rays on the shelves for sale this week! Check out our Facebook, Twitters and Instagram – black_dog_video for updates!

New Releases!


Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story – Fascinating tale of this Hollywood icon. Not only was she a famously beautiful actor who barely escaped Nazi Germany, but she was also a genius inventor! How cool is that?!


The Little Stranger – From the director of Room (no, not THE Room) and Frank (a Black Dog favourite!) comes this spooky tale of a country doctor who visits a possibly haunted mansion. Yes please!


Papillon – The file on pointless remakes just keeps growing! Sons of Anarchy guy and Freddie Mercury guy are no match for Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman I have to say. But that said, I may check this out as I like wrongly-imprisoned-guy-has-to- escape-from-Devil’s-Island-petitionary movies.


Picnic at Hanging Rock – See above. Mini-series based on the great Peter Weir film from days of yore about some school girls who mysteriously vanished.


Searching – Dad breaks into his 16 year-old daughter’s laptop after she goes missing. I wonder what he finds in there? Every Dad’s worst nightmare is my guess.


Wolf Creek Season 1 – Did not even know that this existed and I loved the Wolf Creek films – especially the first one – so I’m interested to see where this goes. Jon Jarratt’s Mick Taylor is one of the screens best villains. At Cambie, soon to Commercial.

Coming Soon!

Mission Impossible: Fallout
Happytime Murders
Victoria Season 2
Jack Irish Season 2
The Nun
Sharp Objects
What Keeps You Alive

Here’s what the swell new T’s look like!

t shirts

We also have Studio Ghibli socks but they are going fast as well. Hoping to have more before Christmas!


Talk at y’all next week!

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