The Black Dog Newsletter Nov 14-20 “Look at Our Stuff Edition!”


You like things? We have things! We finally got another shipment of Studio Ghibli socks to make your feet happy. We should also have more hoodies – the Black Sabbath design – as well as T-Shirts (with varying designs) very soon. If that wasn’t enough we’re bringing in some cool Blu Rays from Shout Factory to sell. They should be on the shelves for purchase this week! And if you need to order something fantastic for you or a loved one, let us know!

New Releases!


Alpha – A boy and his dog tale but this time it’s a cave boy and his wolf tale.


The Death of Louis XIV – King Louis returns from a hunting trip with a pain in his leg and a ridiculous wig and then dies.


Homeland Season 7 – Season 7 of the spy show Homeland.


Juliet, Naked – Nice-looking romantic comedy from the book by Nick Hornby (I think I read this) about a woman (may or may not be naked) who strikes up a correspondence with a washed up singer fella.


Marlina the Murderer in Four Parts – A feminist western from Indonesia finds a recently widowed woman set upon by some evil men. She takes some revenge and then hits the road. Heard plenty of great things about this one.


Mile 22 – Marky Mark is a cop with some big guns who goes to Indonesia (again!) to smuggle out a mysterious cop (Iko Uwais – The Raid movies) who knows something.


Preacher Season 3 – Season 3 of this fine, weird show.


Puzzle – Lovely little romantic drama finds Kelly McDonald finding a love for jigsaw puzzles that leads her to unexpected places.


Pyewacket – A girl inadvertently awakens something nasty in the woods when she tries to invoke the spirit of a witch to kill her mom. Lesson learned. Probably.


Star Trek: Discovery – New Star Trek show! I hear it’s very good!


Succession Season 1 – Excellent drama show that follows a family who are deep into the world of global media. Whatever that may be.

Coming Soon!

The Meg
Crazy Rich Asians
We the Animals

That’s it for this week folks! Stay warm. Stay safe and remember, keep watching.

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