The Black Dog Newsletter: Nine Days Edition!


The Black Dog Newsletter: Nine Days Edition!

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned the crazed charity marathon event for the Food Bank we’re doing on Friday the 13th? Think Jerry Lewis but without the maudlin and more stabbings. As part of the fun we’ll be having a draw for a huge basket of wonderful gifts from local merchants! Anyone who donates $13 or more (our goal is to raise either $1300 or $13 million, which ever comes first) gets entered to win. WOW!

So far contributing shops include:

Jefferson’s Barbershop
Container Brewing
The Charlatan
Womyn’s Wear
Highlife Records
The Licorice Shop
The Rio Theatre
Jean Queen
The Drive Coffee Shop
Dolce Amore

I’m sure that we’ll have even more by the time of the event. You can donate in-store or online. More details on this will be in next week’s newsletter. We’ll also be live-streaming it so you can watch us go slowly insane from the comfort of your own home! It’s gonna be epic!

New Releases!


Antebellum – Mystery drama horror chiller theatre! An author finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality (aka 2020) and must figure things out.


Bill & Ted Face the Music – The boys are now middle aged dads, with hot dad bods, still trying to figure out their rock and roll destiny. Thumbs up! Whoa.


Chasing Trane: John Coltrane – Sweet-looking doc about, well, John Coltrane. Jazz hands!


The Crown Season 3 – This show is actually very good. This is season 3.


Demon – Groom gets possessed during his wedding and goes crazy. No one notices. Cool-looking horror film from Poland!


Girlfriends – Much heralded film from 1978 about two friends (lady friends) dealing with stuff. Criterion release.


Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful – Nice look at the famous fashion photographer.


Mortal – Fantasy dealy about a dude who discovers that he has some God-like powers (turning water into wine?) in this number from the director of the fabulous Troll Hunter!


Mayans MC Season 2 – Bikers gotta bike.


Resistance – Jesse Eisenberg is Marcel Marceau who used his mime powers to save thousands of orphans during WWII.


Spontaneous – Nice coming of age tale of some kids getting together while everyone around them spontaneously combusts. High school, right?! Heard this is quite excellent.

Coming Soon!

Fleabag Season 2
Bletchley Circle: San Francisco
Death of Me
The Deeper You Dig
Desert One
Mulan (2020)
Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken
The Trouble with Maggie Cole

That’s it for this week, folks. Keep us in mind when thinking of things. And hope to see y’all check us out next Friday!

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