The Black Dog Newsletter May 7-13 “We Need Your Help Edition!”

Everyday I hear, “Wow, a video store!” It makes me feel both happy that I’m still doing this and anxious as I think I may be a fool for keeping this outfit running. Life in the world of video stores, as one might presume, is not easy. As much as we all love being part of the last remaining shop in town, we are also wary of the precarious nature of this business. It’s stressful, maddening, angst-ridden yet still awesome. Please continue reading.

Jot down the 26th of May! Jot it! 11am-3pm at the Cambie shop we will be hosting an amazing pop-up sale event. Thousands of wonderful titles will be up for grabs with prices starting at $5! Lots of cult, anime, horror, box sets, collector’s items and much more!

New Releases!


Arctic – Mads Mikkelson goes on vacation by himself in the middle of the Arctic (or his plane crashes, not too sure) and must survive the harsh climate. I’ll watch almost anything that Mads does. Love that guy!


Birds of Passage – Excellent film from Columbia about an indigenous family that gets caught up in the marijuana trade boom.


Everybody Knows – Penelope Cruz returns to her home-town in Spain for her sister’s wedding. But secrets are revealed, feelings are smashed, things, I presume, happen. Also with Javier Bardem.


Hole in the Ground – A mysterious sinkhole in the woods, a missing son and some scary shenanigans abound in this cool-looking horror number.


I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà Vu – (Self) Billed as the most anticipated sequel of all-time, here’s more (2 and ½ hours more!) of your favourite revenge fantasy film.


Lego Movie 2 – More fun Lego hi-jinks!


My Scientology Movie – Funny guy Louis Theroux made a film about creepy Scientology. Might be the best horror film out this week!


The Prodigy – Another spooky kid (what kids aren’t spooky? Am I right?!) horror film to make you wonder why you ever had offspring.


Unforgotten Season 3 – Season 3 of this fine cold case detective series from across the pond.

Coming Soon!

Apollo 11
Big Brother
Call the Midwife Season 8
Charm City
Cold Pursuit
Fighting with my Family
Happy Death Day 2
Isn’t it Romantic?
How to Train Your Dragon 3
Never Grow Old
Triple Threat
WWE: Andre the Giant

Recommendations (for films) can be found here.

That’s it for this week, folks. Thanks for reading (especially my important little essay) and hope to see y’all sooner than later.

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