The Black Dog Newsletter May 28-June 3rd “Almost Famous Edition!”


So we’ve had some terribly nice folks in the form of a documentary crew follow us around for the last several weeks filming us to create a pitch for Storyhive. So far so great. Part of the process is a voting component. And this is where you come in! Click on this here link and vote for your favourite Video Store! Voting ends on Friday and you can vote up to 5 times a day (do it!). Please help them and us out and share it all across the land! Much obliged!

Just wanted to throw out a big thanks to all the nice folks who attended our big sale on the weekend. It was a roaring success (even if some scumbag stole some things!). Events like that help us out immensely. And the good news is we have tons left over that you’ll see on the sale shelves for weeks to come!

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New Releases!


Big Brother – Donnie Yen (the best!) is a soldier turned high-school teacher who kicks butt! Think of Dead Poets Society getting into bed with Ip Man and making a weird, kung fu baby.


Captive State – Aliens have taken over the planet. That was 10 years ago. What’s everyone up to now? John Goodman leads the way.


Counterpart – Cool sounding TV show that stars J.K. Simmons (J. Jonah Jamison) as a guy who discovers a portal to another dimension where he’s a top spy doing top spy work during the Cold War.


Ip Man: Origins – Watch IP Man when he was a little kid! IP Boy? More kicked-in-the-face mayhem for those of you, like myself, who dig it.


Jack Ryan Season 1 – Jim Halpert is the new Jack Ryan! Pretty good espionage and terrorist and thrills show.


The Man Who Killed Don Quixote – Terry Gilliam finally completes his dream project that he started, like, 85 years ago. Better be good, Gilliam! (shakes fist). DVDs are here, blu rays on the way.


The Mustang – Nice drama about a tough convict, Matthias Schoenaerts, (who’s cornered the market on brooding) that gets a chance to rehabilitate himself by hanging out with some horses.


The Poison Rose – John Travolta is a private dick in this neo-noir thing that not only stars Morgan Freeman and Famke Jannsen but has three directors! So that must mean it’s really good, right?


A Vigilante – Olivia Wilde is a tough revenge-seeking vigilante (see title) who helps victims escape their scummy abusers.

Coming Soon!

Miss Bala
Dave Made a Maze
Listen to Me, Marlon
No Date No Signature
One Sings the Other Doesn’t
Maria by Callas
Gloria Bell
The Kid
JT Leroy
Captain Marvel
Five Feet Apart

That it for this week, my lovelies. Thanks for reading and for voting for us!

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