The Black Dog Newsletter May 21-27 “Don’t Miss This Edition!”

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As you may have heard we’re having a rather large flash sale at the Cambie store this Sunday (26th)! Tons of great DVDs and Blu-Rays will be on offer. Prices start at $5. Many collector’s items, Box Sets, anime, horror, Something Weird, culty, sexy, Criterion, Ghibli, samurai and Asian cult, a few classics and even some regular Hollywood fare will be on the tables to tickle your collecting bones. Brand new Black Dog T-shirts are in as well! It’s going to be epic! 11am till 3pm, Cambie store. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell the world!

You can still rent but it’ll be a bit chaotic and all the New Releases will be off the shelves. Oh, and if you pay cash, we’ll cover the tax! Cash is king! Hope to see you there.

New Releases!


Blaze – Nice music bio-pic about a fella named Blaze Foley who was some sort of legend in the Texas Outlaw Music movement (I imagine that’s a thing).


Capernaum – Tough, gritty film filled with grit and toughness (also Oscar nominated) from Lebanon about a street kid who sues his parents for giving him life.


Greta – Isabelle Huppert (love her!) is a lonely widow who takes a creepy, dark, unhealthy interest in Chloe Grace Moretz. Neil Jordan (Butcher Boy) slides back into the director’s chair for this one.


Lords of Chaos – Dude wants to start a Black Metal band in Norway in 1987. Arson, violence, dead animals, stabbings, hot churches, urination, chess, sex and murder are to follow. Might be true, might not. You decide!


Police Story/Police Story 2 – Two amazing Jackie Chan films for the price of two! This is JC at his best and they’re on Criterion so you know what to do.


Replicas – Sci-fi with Canoe Reeves as a scientist (!) out to bring his dead family back to life. Dude, gross!


They Shall Not Grow Old – Excellent doc about the poor bastards who fought in WWI. And it’s mostly in colour!


The Upside – Remake of the French film, Intouchables, but with Bryan Cranston as the crusty dude in the wheelchair and Kevin Hart as the short guy who’s hired to take care of him. Hilarity and tears, I presume, ensue.

Coming Soon!

Poison Rose
A Vigilante
Gloria Bell
The Kid
Man who Killed Don Quixote
Jack Ryan: Season 1
JT Leroy

That’s it for this week folks. Here’s a link to our facebonk page about the big sale! See you on Sunday, if not before!


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