The Black Dog Newsletter March 4-10, “You Say It’s Our Birthday Edition!”


March 5, 1996. A day that will live in infamy! It was the day we first swung open our doors on Cambie Street to an eager and frothing public. I still remember that fateful day in that small cramped store. It was pretty magical. And here we are 24 years later! What a ride it’s been. Good times. Bad times. Some great friends made. Births, deaths and everything in between. And so many films! What does the future hold for your favourite video store? Hard to say. But what I can tell you is that you should drop into the shops this Saturday to celebrate and enjoy some special deals on rentals and sales! We’ll be open at noon at both Black Dogs to make your day better. Hope to see you then.

New Releases!


The Affair: Final Season – Man, this affair has gone on a long time. Can you even call it an affair at this point? Maybe this season is set in space or something?


Dark Waters – Tough drama about lawyers (one being the Hulk) and such going up against the evil DuPont corporation who seems bent on killing us all. (also Dylan’s favourite movie of 2019)


Chained for Life – Well regarded odd-ball of a film about an actress who has a hard time dealing with her disfigured co-star on the set of a movie. And other things.


Harpoon – Rivalries, sexual tension and hurt feelings bubble up to the surface as 3 friends find themselves stranded on a yacht in the middle of the ocean in this cool-looking horror/comedy. At Commercial, soon to Cambie..


Jamestown: Complete Series – BBC dealie (or PBS or both or one) drama about “settlers” settling in America in 1617. I hope that there’s witches! At Commercial only, for now.


Queen and Slim – A black couple’s first date takes an unexpected turn when they get pulled over by the heat. You can probably guess what that “turn” might be.


The Sonata – Horror number about a musician who discovers her dead dad’s compositions and when played, unleashes some devilry scares.


Tammy and The T-Rex – Vinegar Syndrome release of this weirdo cult oddity from the 90’s about a guy who’s brain gets implanted in a T-Rex who then goes on a murderous rampage. Originally released in a heavily edited PG-13 version, but here’s the fully uncut, gore-laden craziness! DVD and Blu Ray. Commercial store!


Vienna Blood – Crime drama about a psychology student who helps the coppers solve crimes in turn of the century (1900) Vienna. I keep wanting to say “sausage” every-time I see this title.


We – Eight bored teens from Belgium decide to relieve their boredom with increasingly risky and potentially dangerous sexcapades! Zoinks!

Coming Soon!

Charlie’s Angels
Ne Zha
Spies in Disguise
Fleabag Season 2

A couple of other things to tell you about to make your lives more pleasurable: There’s a new episode of our podcast up and ready to massage hilarity into your ears! And check out this lovely short film about the one of the last, and oldest, video stores still going! Might just bring a tear to your eye. Or it might not.

Talk at you soon!

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