The Black Dog Newsletter “Many Thanks Edition!”

Just wanted to give a nice big greasy thank you to all who donated to help out our buddy, Danse, after the passing of his brother, Frank. The in-store donations, combined with Dylan’s Facebook birthday charity hoo-haw ,helped to raise a nice chunk of change for Danse (just north of $700!). Hoping that it helps him get by.

Also, wanted to let you know that there’s
a) a new podcast episode up and running! Dylan, Alex and I take a look into the mind of Brian De Palma and his fine film Body Double!
b) there’s a new episode of my “Films I Should Have Seen by Now” series where I discuss (briefly) a couple of early David Lynch efforts.

New Releases!


Cold Call – British number about a woman who’s life get all in a tizzy after going down the rabbit hole of a suspicious cold call. And that’s why I never answer the phone.


Day of the Beast (or Dave the Beast as we like to call it round these parts) – Alex de la Iglesia’s crazed fruit of a film from 1995 finds a nutty priest teaming up with a Black Metal lover and an occult connoisseur to commit as many sins as possible to avert the birth of the evil beast. Blu Ray release!


Heartworn Highways – Excellent doc about great country music of the era (1976) and whiskey and other things.


Heartworn Highways Revisited – 38 years later we get more of the above.


Irma Vep – This totes cool film gets the Criterion treatment! Blu Ray.


M.C. Escher: Journey to Infinity – Come on, admit it, you had an Escher poster in your college/university dorm room! Here’s a doc on the fellow.


Nomadland – Oscar winner – Best Picture, Director, Actress! – about a woman living a nomadic lifestyle out of her van – Blu Ray only! DVD still to come, just not too sure when.


Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles – Famous food chef brings his food magic to the MET in New York.


Percy – Canadian farmer Christopher Walken takes on an evil giant corporation after their GMOs blow into his field. True story.


Test Pattern – Interracial couple seeks justice in an unjust healthcare system in the good old US of A.


The World of Wong Kar Wai – Deluxe Criterion Blu Ray set of most of the astounding films from this astounding director!
As Tears Go By
Days of Being Wild
Chungking Express
Fallen Angels
Happy Together
In the Mood for Love

Coming Soon!

Bureau: Complete Series
How About Adolf?
Sound of Silence
Sweet Requiem
Twentieth Century
Judas and the Black Messiah
The Father
The Little Things

Oh! And as promised, we’ve got some cool swag in the shop in the form of pins and magnets and there’s more cool stuff – mugs, hats, condoms – on the way!


Have a safe and lovely week!

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