The Black Dog Newsletter: Making Plans for Black Dog Edition!

We’ll be closed this Saturday (Feb 12th) as a film crew will be taking over the shop to shoot a commercial or something. So plan accordingly. New Releases rented on Friday aren’t due back until Monday. You know what to do.

Oh, and we have one more top picks list from the staff. Staying true to form, here’s Dylan sliding in late with all the films he saw in 2021.

New Releases!


C’mon C’mon – The Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) takes his nephew on a lovely road trip in this lovely road trip of a film.

The Drowning – Did that lady’s son really drown all those years ago or is that him walking around doin’ stuff?

Encanto – Oscar nominated animated Disney fare about a Colombian kid who doesn’t have any magical powers.

Finding Alice – The wonderfully named Keely Hawes’ husband falls down the stairs and dies in the fabulous new home he designed. Secrets are revealed!

Ghosts – The wonderfully named Lolly Adefope moves into a haunted house occupied by hilarious ghosts.

Howl From Beyond the Fog – This looks tres cool! Back in the day in Japan, a blind girl and a monster team up to take on greedy land developers! Wish that would happen in Vancouver.

The Last Son – Strange sounding western finds a fella attempting to end his evil family’s ways by killing off his sons. Bit extreme if you ask me. Hello, therapy!

Monday – Sexy sex movie tries to answer the question (if it’s really a question) what happens after a weekend fling? Stars the one-armed guy from the Marvel movies.

Summer of Soul – Excellent, Oscar nominated doc about the cool festival that took place in Harlem in 1969. Our most requested title of 2021! We’ll have some in stock for sale next week as well.

Coming Soon!

The Eternals
House of Gucci
The King’s Man
The 355
The Superdeep
The Beatles: Get Back
The Scary of Sixty-First

Remember, we have lots of swag – Ghibli socks and shirts, masks, Black Dog T-shirts, mugs and tons of films (just got a bunch of great titles – lots of Criterion plus others going on the shelf tomorrow) for those on your Valentine’s Day , National Pork Rind Day or National Cabbage Day lists!

That’s it for this week folks! Stay safe, don’t honk your horn and keep watching!

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