The Black Dog Newsletter “Love in the Time of Corona Edition!”


And we press on with our curb-side pick-ups! This Saturday we’ll be open at both shops 3-6 for all of your movie wants and needs. The same song as before – email me – – your requests and we’ll do our best to have them ready for you. E-transfer to that address or cash or debit or credit card as well. I can’t say how much I appreciate your business in these crazy times! I know a lot of small businesses will not survive this and we hope to fling our doors wide open in the future, whenever the future might be. Do your best to support the local small businesses. It’s to everyone’s benefit.

If you have late films (and I know some of you have very late films) can you please drop them off – our drop slots are open 24/7 – as other have been waiting for many titles. There will be no late charges applied so no shame will be heaped upon you.

Also, the influx of new films has dwindled recently (something to do with a plague?) but we’re hoping to have something for this weekend and next as well. In the meantime, it’s a great chance to get reacquainted with some classics and not-so classics. I’ve put together a sweet list of the best of 1970s cinema. Check it out, and check out other lists we concocted over the years. I will be doing more lists in the near future as well. Check in on our website for daily updates on what’s happening with ye olde Black Dog!

New Releases

(hopefully on the shelves Saturday)


Guns Akimbo – Harry Potter somehow gets some guns attached to his arms and has to compete in a fight to the death, while trying to save his lady friend, in a show that’s broadcast on-line (on the Internets). Fun!


Rabid – Local horror-heroes the Soska Sisters (American Mary) take a stab at the Cronenberg classic. (Commercial only – soon to Cambie)


Rhythm Section – Actiony type affair finds Blake Lively hot on the trail of those responsible for killing her family in a plane crash.


Ride Like a Girl – Nice family-type dealie about the first woman to win the Melbourne Cup (I assume that has something to do with horses). Also stars Sam Neill as the voice of the horse (just kidding probably).


Synonyms – Well-received comedy/drama about an Israeli fellow who arrives in Paris with only his trusty dictionary.


Why Don’t You Just Die – Strange, violent and funny Russian offering about a bad dad/detective who gets caught up in some sort of revenge affair. (Commercial shop – Blu Ray only)

Coming Soon!

Birds of Prey
The Jesus Rolls
Ray Donovan S7
Gretel and Hansel

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Stay safe, wash your hands and other parts, and hope to hear from you soon!
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