The Black Dog Newsletter: Last Days on Planet Earth Edition!

Well, this is it folks, it’s the last week (4 days now) that your favourite video store (us) will be open. That’s strange and awful to write. Sigh. This Saturday (25th) will the last day of operations in Black Dog’s long and storied history. I’ll write up a nice eulogy next week once the dust settles and the corpse is resting comfortably in the ground.

Until then, I hope to see some friendly faces in the shop. Pop by, say hi, make me feel sad and maybe pick up a movie or ten. Everything is on sale (some guy asked, “including you”? I replied, “You couldn’t afford me” Hah!) with prices starting at $2. Two dollars! You can get 3 – $10 films for $10! Woah. And for those hoping to nab some higher priced items – 50% off all DVDs and Blu Rays priced $20 or over! You’re saving money buying these!

We’re open noon until eight this week but only noon until 5pm on Saturday. Please plan accordingly.

I will continue to do the newsletter as we transition to an online presence in your lives so there’s that. Hope y’all stay tuned.

Everyone be good to everyone out there.

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