The Black Dog Newsletter January 9-15 “The Best Things Edition!”


It’s time, my friends! Time to share with all of you lovely folks our picks for the top films of the year! I asked the staff to chime in with the best (and in some cases the worst) things that they saw in 2018. At the bottom of the newsletter we’ll feature a couple of lists and have a couple more next week as not to give you list fatigue! Enjoy!

New Releases!

(Titles listed here are on the shelves at Commercial right now and at Cambie tomorrow)


Castle Rock Season 1 – Very good (from what I’m told) horror, sci-fi, drama, mystery, fantasy, spook-fest finds a bunch of folks living in a Stephen King world. The world of Castle Rock!


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween – A couple of kids find a magic book that makes a ventriloquist’s dummy come to life. And then what?


Halloween – Unnecessary sequel of John Carpenter’s (he also did the score) classic finds an indestructible (why is he indestructible?) Mike Meyers escaping prison and going on a bloody killing spree with his sights ultimately set on Jamie Lee Curtis. To dumb to be great, not dumb enough to be laughably great. Still, I had fun with it. Written by Danny McBride and directed by David Gordon Green for some reason.


Jonathan – Strange sounding sci-fi dealie that finds two brothers sharing the same body. One gets the first half of the day, the other the second. Then one gets a girlfired! Complications and hurt feelings, I presume, ensue.


Speed Kills – How in the hot potatoes did this end up on our shelves? My apologies to anyone who rents it. Someone tell John Travolta to go back to flying airplanes.


The Super – Horrorish flick that finds Val Kilmer in a weird apartment building where folks seem to disappear. Is everything what it seems? I think not!


Yellowstone – Kevin Costner digs out his cowboy boots and hat from his tickle trunk to head the family in this very good (from what I’ve been told) TV western series.

Coming Soon!

Kidding Season 1
First Man
Hate U Give
Here and Now
Beautiful Boy

Alright! The moment you’ve been waiting for…Here’s my picks for the best films of 2018. Some of these were released in 2017 but I never saw then until last year. It’s OK.

1. Florida Project
2. I, Tonya
3. Climax
4. You Were Never Really Here
5. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
6. Phantom Thread
7. Hereditary
8. Suspiria
9. Death of Stalin
10. Revenge
11. Mandy
12. Blackklansman
13. First Reformed
14. Leave No Trace
15. The Endless

My entire list can be found here.

And on the flip-side click here to check out the biggest disappointments and worst films of the year.

And here’s young Nick with his picks for 2018…

1. Mandy
2. First Reformed
3. Lucky
4. Blackklansman
5. Suspiria
6. Upgrade
7. Annilation
8. The House that Jack Built
9. You Were Never Really Here
10. Hereditary

Check out the rest of Nick’s Picks here!

That’s it for this week folks. Next week check out RJ’s and Josie’s picks (and if anyone else submits there’s as well!). Till then!

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  1. Peter Dobo
    Peter Dobo says:

    I thought Bad Times at El Royale was a wonderful surprise.
    I wonder if it will get the coveted “Black Dog Approved” designation……..


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