The Black Dog Newsletter Jan 29-Feb 4th “Of Parties and Rats Edition!”


We had our annual staff Christmas party this past Sunday at the ANZA Club (thanks, Steve!). Nice to get everyone from both shops together to make a little merry. We’ve assembled a great group of kids and I’m pleased as punch to have them in the Black Dog family. We’ve had many fine people work at Back Dog over the years (and some real duds as well!) and I can’t say enough good things about the group we have now. Come in and chat them up and rent or buy some sweet DVDs and Blu Rays!

Oh and I should mention that there’s a new podcast ready to (hopefully) make you smile and think about what you might do if a big nasty rat invades your house. Click HERE.

New Releases!


Black 47 – Heavy drama about an Irish fella who fights the English and the Great Famine of the days. Tough times.


Cloverfield Paradox – I apologize in advance for the poor quality of this movie.


The Deuce Season 2 – Season 2 of the Deuce. Great, gritty show.


Hunter Killer – Gerry Butler and old man Gary Oldman star in this submarine, rescue the Russian president who’s being held hostage by a rogue general, action thriller!


Long Dumb Road – Road comedy drama starring Jason Mantzoukas and another guy.


My Dinner with Herve – Bio-pic of the late Herve Villachaize, who played the lovable scamp, Tattoo, on Fantasy Island. Look it up, kids. Stars Peter Dinklage and that creep from the 50 Shades of movies.


Shameless Season 8 – Season 8 of Shameless.


Suspiria – Excellent, if not a tad long, remake of the classic masterpiece by Argento. Some thought it was a disaster, some thought it was a great compliment to the original. Made it into my top 10 picks for 2018.

Coming Soon!

Girl in the Spider’s Web
A Private War
Best F(r)iends
Department Q Trilogy
I Am Not A Witch
Jobriath A.D.
Old Man and a Gun
Studio 54
Outrage Coda

If you need some suggestion on new things to watch, click here! Also check out the other recommendations on the website here!

On a sadder note – some garbage people have stolen a few hoodies from the Commercial Black Dog as of late so, for that reason, we will not be making anymore new ones. Get what we have left while you can!

Have a good week, y’all. Thanks for the support! We can’t do it without you!

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