The Black Dog Newsletter: “I Want You to Want Me Edition!”


The Black Dog Newsletter: “I Want You to Want Me Edition!”

So as you’ve probably heard, we’re in the middle (hopefully near the end) of a global pandemic! On a smaller scale that means that we won’t be getting much in the line of new Hollywood movies for a while. But RJ and myself have put our noggins together and have been scouring the film world for cool, interesting films to fill that void. Recently we’ve acquired new films from:

Werner Herzog
Terrence Malick
The Dardenne Brothers (2 films!)
Errol Morris
Ken Loach
Michael Winterbottom
Donnie Yen
Takeshi Miike
Quentin Dupieux

And more are on the way! Every week (or so). So do yourself (and us) a favour and pop in and try some of these on for size! You just might be pleasantly surprised.

New Releases!


American Dharma – Latest Errol Morris doc as he turns his critical lens on political scumbag, Steve Bannon.


Bacurau – Strange, but amazing sounding film set in a small town in Brazil where strange things are happening. RJ assures me that I will love this film. I hope you do as well. Has Udo Kier in it so I’m sold.


In the Fog – Intense, slow burning and haunting are words that can be used to describe this WWII film from Russia. Sign me up!


Unknown Girl – Latest intense film from the Dardenne Brothers (The Son, The Child) finds a teenager dying after being ignored at a doctor’s office. (at Commercial, soon to Cambie)


Zombi Child – Cool looking French film finds a girl telling a family secret about…well my guess it may involve zombies! (at Commercial, soon to Cambie)

Coming Soon!

(today and tomorrow!)

Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye
Come and See – Blu Ray
Postcard Killings
Ride Your Wave
Survive the Night
Jack Ryan Season 2
Dead Dicks
His Dark Materials
Postcard Killings

And we lost a couple of screen legends over the weekend, Olivia de Havilland (she was 104! And in Gone with the Wind!) and a Black Dog favourite, John Saxon (Enter the Dragon, Black Christmas). Here’s a photo of me with John Saxon and Kier-la (former Black Dogger and creator of Cinemuerte Film Fest) from way back in 2003. He was a very nice gentleman.


That’s it for this week, folks. Stay out of the punishing sun, drink plenty of fluids, have fun and keep watching!

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