The Black Dog Newsletter: “Home Stretch Edition!”


The Black Dog Newsletter: “Home Stretch Edition!”

So we ease on into August, the sun is out, the beer is cold and this is the last month of my reign at Black Dog Cambie! It’s weird and sad and exciting all at once. More on that to come. RJ is working tirelessly to get his paddle in the water and steer the shop boldly into the future. Wish him luck, extend a hand and support if you can. Should be cool!

New Releases!


Belgravia Season 1 – The Brits (and many others) love their upper class that has dark family secrets that are threatened to be exposed period pieces, don’t they? Rather!


The High Note – Big time singer and her overworked assistant must face a decision that could alter their lives and such!


His Dark Materials Season 1 – Excellent fantasy show that has to do with magic and animal spirits and bad guys and heroines and all that jazz.


The Gene: An Intimate History – Ken Burns gets inside you (literally almost) with this well-received doc about what make you tick.


Grantchester Season 5 – So many wrongdoings in the small town of Grantchester!


The Postcard Killings – Jeffrey Dean Morgan travels to London to find out what happened to his daughter! I imagine postcards figure into this somehow.


Primal – What would be a month without a Nic Cage film? Here he’s on a ship with a bunch of exotic animals and an international assassin who lets all the animals out of their “cages”! Excitement, I presume, ensues.

Coming Soon!

The Assistant
Dead Dicks
Dog’s Courage
Gold Digger Season 1
Valley of the Gods
You Don’t Nomi

Hey I’ve ordered a couple of these for the shop (Commercial). If you want one let me know!


Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the original Friday the 13th film (1980), this Collector’s set includes all 12 films in the franchise plus new and existing extras! • The definitive Blu-ray release of one of THE most popular and iconic horror franchises ever created!

Also here’s some suggestions of what you may like to cool down in the evening with!

Have a lovely week, stay safe, stay hydrated and remember, keep watching!

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