The Black Dog Newsletter: Glory Days Edition!


The Black Dog Newsletter: Glory Days Edition!

This past Saturday would have marked the 25th anniversary of Black Dog Video on Cambie St! Seeing as it’s not a Black Dog anymore (go Video Cat!), it’s still an anniversary of sorts as I’ve doing this job for 25 years! I just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure to be serving up the finest in world cinema to you awesome folks for the past 25 years (175 in dog years or something like that)! And while the glory days of the video store have long faded, we’re still here doing our best to be a part of many of your lives. Cheers to you all.

Make sure that you check out our new website – – and podcast (stay tuned for a St. Patrick’s Day surprise)! It’s fun!

New Releases!


1942: Unknown Battle – Russian WWII film about a terrible battle in Russia during WWII.


Alone with Her Dreams – Well-received coming of age story of a young girl who has to live with her strict grandmother in France.


Crazy Samurai 400 vs 1 – Famed sword slicing movie that boasts a 77 minute, no cut fighting scene!


Jekyll and Hyde – BBC series about the famed maniac doctor’s grandson and his quest for the truth! Can he handle the truth? Who knows?!


My Dog Stupid – French guy with writer’s block has a big stinky grey dog move into his house. Hijinks, I presume, ensue.


Tesnota – Grim, slow, intense Russian film (is there any other kind) about a kidnapping in a small depressing town. From the guy who made the excellent Beanpole!


Trouble with You – French comedy about a woman who discovers her recently deceased police husband sent the wrong guy to prison for 8 years. Hilarious!


Vanguard – Latest film where Jackie Chan kicks people in the face. Not known if he guards any vans.


The Wedding Guest – Dev Patel travels from Britain to Pakistan to kidnap a bride-to-be for some reason. Tensions ensue.


The Witches – Is this a remake of the wonderful Nicolas Roeg film, The Witches? It just may be. Witches be witching!

Coming Soon

The Go-Gos
I Married a Witch
Kill Your Friends
Psycho Goreman
Wonder Woman
Castle Freak
Promising Young Woman
We Hunt Together

If you fancy owning any DVDs or Blu Rays, hit us up! We have great prices and you don’t have to bother with the evil empire. Here’s some of what is coming soon!

See y’all right here next week!

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