The Black Dog Newsletter February 14-20 “Love is in the Air Edition!”


Yes it’s the Love Day, The Valentine’s Day. If there ever was a celebration geared to get you to spend money and make you feel bad, this is it. But we’re here to help! Listen to our special Valentine’s Day podcast here! We celebrate with a few beers and chat about My Bloody Valentine! I hope this makes your day brighter and more beautiful.

New Releases!


At Eternity’s Gate – Willam Dafoe is a painter named Vinny van Gogh (perhaps you’ve heard of him) in this rousing bio-pic. (today at Commercial, tomorrow at Cambie)


Between Worlds – Wow, it’s been a few months since we’ve had a Nic Cage film. Here he’s a fella who’s dead wife’s spirit has inhabited the body of a woman’s daughter who was dying and the woman can save spirits by suffocating. I don’t understand it either.


Front Runner – Political dealy about Gary Hart’s run for the president back in whenever and how it was derailed because of his wandering penis. Hugh Jackman is the man.


Hounds of Love – Nasty Australian piece of business (has tons of great reviews!) about a crazy couple who kidnap teenage girls and well, you can probably guess what happens. Their latest captive must use her wits and the couple’s troubles against them to survive.


Mermaid: Lake of the Dead – Killer mermaid movie from Russia.


Overlord – A group of Allied G.I.’s in 1944 Germany discover some evil doings going on in a fort of some kind. Think Nazi zombies and you can board this train.


Possum – A disgraced children’s puppeteer returns home to face his evil stepfather and some weird puppets. This little British horror ditty looks like it might have legs.


Robin Hood – Yet another re-telling of this over-told yarn.


A Star is Born – Brad Cooper and Lady Gaga liven up the proceedings in this often told tale. Reminds me of when my kid was 6 he came home from school all excited to tell me that Lady Gaga was born in an egg!


Shoplifters – Latest wonder from Koreeda finds a family of small-time criminals taking in a kid they find outside in the cold. Nominated for Best Foreign film. (today at Commercial, tomorrow at Cambie)


Wild Boys – Crazy-looking French weirdo tale of savages crimes, haunted sailboats, Dutch Captains, mutiny, supernatural islands, luscious vegetation and bewitching powers. (today at Commercial, tomorrow at Cambie)


You Might be the Killer – A camp counselor, who suffers from blackouts, finds himself surrounded by dead bodies (not living ones). Might he be responsible? This horror-comedy looks to be a fun ride.

Coming Soon!

Mary Queen of Scots
Possession of Hannah Grace
Ralph Breaks the Internet
Creed II
The Favourite
Green Book
Vox Lux
Ben is Back

Here’s an interesting essay on what might be just down the road for all of our viewing habits in the near future.

That’s it for this week, cool cats. Enjoy the snow and the long weekend. Get out and rent some movies! We’d love to see your smiling faces.

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