The Black Dog Newsletter Feb 26 – March 4 “And the Winner Is…Edition!”


You! You’re the winner as now that the Oscars (boring!) are over and Driving Miss Daisy 2: Road to Revenge! won best picture – for better or for worse or for who really cares – we can all get onto what’s really important (in the context of this missive that is) and that’s watching movies!. Lots of great things coming out in the next few weeks as March is a fine month for releases! Winner!.

Oh, and if you’re interested, here’s a link to an interview I did about, well, you can guess what it’s about. Nice to not come off as a blathering idiot for once. Click HERE!

New Releases!


Apostle – Nice, weird, gory, intense tale of Dan Stevens in the year 1905 going to look for his missing sister on an island full of religious crazies. Think Wicker Man. From the director of The Raid films!


The Car: Road to Revenge! – Hey that sequel to the 1977 movie about a killer car has finally been made! We can all exhale now. It even has Ronny Cox in it! Drive at your own risk.


Hold the Dark – Pretty intense and odd offering from the fella that made the amazing Green Room and Blue Ruin. Jeffery Wright is a writer hired to find some missing kids believed to have been taken by wolves somewhere in cold bleak Alaska. Other things happen as well.


Mary Queen of Scots – Period costume drama finds Mary Stuart trying to overthrow Liz 1 of England. Looks like it might be great or as once critic put it…”this a vital film, whose lace-trimmed bosom heaves with life.” There ya go.


The Night Comes for Us – If you’ve ever considered a career as a stuntman in Indonesia, this may cure you of that dream. Looks quite painful. Insanely violent and ten times the fun comes this actioner from the other director of the Raid movies (also has the stars of that film). Plot doesn’t matter, just the awesome action. Loved it!


The Possession of Hannah Grace – Man there’s a lot of folks being possessed by demons and other things out there. What’s going on?!


Ralph Wrecks the Internet – More shenanigans with Ralph and his good buddies doing things and stuff.


Roma – Oscar-winning film (director, Foreign Film, cinematography) about a year in the life of a maid in the middle class family in Mexico city in the 1970’s. Heard that this is pretty good. I like Mexico.

Coming Soon!
(most of these we should have by the end of this week)

Ben is Back
Creed II
The Favourite
House of Cards S6
Instant Family
The Vanishing

That’s it for this week folks. Happy viewing!

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