The Black Dog Newsletter: Falling into Fall Edition!

As we ease into the best season (IMO) – FALL- love the cool air, the changing leaves and the sounds of chestnuts banging off of car roofs – I’m here to tell you a few things!

More films have been added to the previously viewed sales section of the website and more are still to come! Remember I only have one copy of each so first come, first serve. I’ve also dropped the prices on most of these lovely items and included the condition of the disk in the description. We can ship anywhere in Canada for cheap (and for a fair price, outside our secure borders as well).

New T-Shirts should arrive next week plus we’re re-upping on the classic Dogtropolis design – You can pre-order those here.

If you haven’t checked out our latest podcast, dig in here. It’s one of our best (IMO).


And lastly but not leastly, our pals over at VIFF (starts next week) asked me to tell you about something cool.

That’s it for this week, folks! Follow me on Letterboxd for some movie reviews and what not and check out the website starting October 1st for our annual Daily Horror Movie Recommendations!

Thanks for listening!

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