The Black Dog Newsletter! “Falling for Fall Edition!”

The Black Dog Newsletter! “Falling for Fall Edition!”

Ah, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Rains are raining, winds are chiming, chestnuts are cracking off the car roofs, stouts are flowing, Video Store Day is coming and Halloween is, well, who knows what Halloween’s up to this year?

It’s also a great time of year to watch some films! You know what to do!

New Releases!


Becky – Fun, inspired gore helps to cover up the thin script and empty characters in this violent “Home Aloneish” affair.


Hip Hop: Songs that Shock America – Cool doc about a genre of music that I know nothing about. Maybe it’s time to learn?!


Killing Eve Season 3 – Love this show! Both leads are fantastic! Great soundtrack as well!


Legend of Tomiris – Historical action-drama about the legendary lady warrior. Looks very cool.


Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway – Hallucinatory crazed-fruit movie about CIA agents infiltrating a computer operating system looking for some sort of virus. Or something like that. Looks pretty whack. Blu Ray only.


Penny Dreadful: City of Angels – Nice-looking L.A. nourish take on the Penny Dreadfuls.


Rick and Morty S4 – Heard this is funny.


The Silencing – Jamie Lannister is a lone wolf type of fella who teams up with a local sheriff to hunt a killer guy down.


Terrified – Strange things are happening in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Who ya gonna call?


Terrifier – Art the Clown is up to his old tricks again! Too bad we didn’t get another one called Terrifiedier!


Tesla – Ethan Hawke is Nic Tesla as he deals with other electricity guys and does things in his spare time in this bio-pic pf sorts.

Coming Soon!

Hooligan Sparrow
The Kindergarten Teacher
Old Stone
On a Magical Night
Sometimes Always Never
Invincible Dragon
The Pale Door
Star Trek: Picard
Vikings Season 6 – Part 1

We did our first video recording of our podcast this past week. We’re going to be launching a Youtube channel soon with all kinds of nifty things! Stay tuned for that!

I’m working on a new batch of T-shirts which, hopefully, will be on the rack soon! I may do another run of the “Dogtropolis” if anyone is interested as well.


That’s it for this week folks! Stay dry, stay healthy and keep watching!
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