The Black Dog Newsletter “Double Whammy Edition!”


Curb-side pick up this Saturday! Both shops! 3-6pm. I will be steering the ship at Commercial and RJ will be the pilot at Cambie. Same rules as before:

  • please specify DVD or Blu Ray and have some back up requests in case we don’t have everything that you’re looking for. Remember our deals – 5 old titles for $15 or 3 New Releases for the price of 2.
  • pleases specify which store you will be picking up at. Very important for obvious reasons.
  • e-transfers work great (and are preferred) for fast and easy in and out service. You can also pay cash or use the debit machine or call in with your credit card.
  • bring a bag, keep a safe distance from fellow travelers and be patient (what else do you have to do?)
  • please return your films as others would like to take them home.

RJ won’t be emailing you back with your information. You can call the store to find out the price if you want or go with the prices we have provided for you. Please check the website daily for any changes and updates. Y’all take care of yourselves and each other.

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