The Black Dog Newsletter Dec 19-31 “Christmas Hoo-Haw Edition!”


Here we are, the home stretch. Christmas is less than a week away. I suppose that I should mention our holiday hours!

Christmas Eve (24th) : 11 am – 6pm – That’s right, we’ll be open an hour earlier on the 24th for all your movie needs. We also have a nice deal – Rent 2 and get a 3rd for free! (sorry no 2 for 1 deals on the 24th or the 31st – gotta pay those bills!)
Christmas Day (25th) : Closed
New Year’s Eve (31st) : 12 – 7
New Year’s Day : 12 – 10pm

We still have some swell T-shirts and comfy hoodies left as well as gift certificates and our world-famous punch cards for everyone you love. We’ll also have boxing day sales – check out our website, Facebook and twitters for what’s happening. That all said, there won’t be a newsletter for the next 2 weeks. Sorry to be a Grunch (Grinch’s less pleasant cousin).

New Releases

(We’ve received 5 shipments of films in the last two weeks – the rest of the year’s films so I won’t list them all here as there’s just too many!)


Colette – Lovely costume bio-pic drama finds Colette ghost writing stories for her husband Willy. When they become a success, she fights for recognition among the societal constraints of the times.


Fahrenheit 11/9 – Micheal Moore is back at it again, this time examining just how in the hell America got to where they are now with you-know-who in the big chair.


The House with a Clock in It’s Walls – Odd sounding family spooky comedy thing from Eli Roth (!) has Jack Black as a wizard or something looking for a clock that might end the world. I’m sure it’s better than Death Wish.


Long Strange Trip: A Grateful Dead Tale – I would never have called myself a “Deadhead” but I did see about a half dozen shows back in the day and they were much fun. Looking forward to checking this big-ass documentary out!


McQueen – No, not about Steve McQueen (the actor nor the director) but Lee Alexander McQueen, fashion genius and his amazing and tragic tale.


The Predator – The Predator’s back! This time we find him working at an Old Navy, going to college and playing in a ska cover band on the weekends while at the same time ripping out the spines of horny teenagers to hang on his dorm walls.


Support The Girls – Hangout with the ladies at Double Whammies, “a sports bar with curves” in this nice little comedy that I’m seeing show up on a number of best of the year lists.


Sweet Country – Heavy Australian western drama thriller finds an aboriginal fella going on the lam after shooting a white guy in self defense. Something tells me that the title may be more than a little ironic.


White Boy Rick – Matthew McConaughey goes undercover in the drug world where it eventually takes over his life and he ends up on the wrong side of Johnny Law.

Other titles fresh and new and fresh on the shelves include: Whitney, Sinner Season 2, Finding Your Feet, Operation Finale, Bel Canto, The Domestics, Disorder, Western, Nocturama and a few more I may have forgot about. Whew!

Other titles showing up later this week include: Life Itself, A Simple Favour, D.O.A.: Right of Passage, Elizabeth Harvest, Galveston, Marfa Girl 2, Skate Kitchen, Molly.

Holy Hotdogs! What a huge pile of amazing things! I hope that you find something wonderful to enjoy this season. We have a great selection of Christmas flicks as well, if that’s your bag. If you need some suggestions, check out all of our swell lists here!

Have a great, safe, fun holiday you beautiful people you! Talk to you on the other side in the New Year!

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