The Black Dog Newsletter: Dates to Remember Edition!

As we inch towards the end of days here at the shop, here’s some important (to some) dates to jot down on your forearm or wherever one keeps important dates…

June 1st: All TV series are now up for sale! We are missing some of the boxes for some of the seasons of some of the shows. But if we have the actual disks you can take them for half price.

June 10th: Last day to rent catalogue titles. We need to get them back before closing.

June 15th: Last day to rent new releases. We need to get them back before closing.

June 18th: New releases titles are up for sale.

June 25th: The very last day that any Black Dog Video will ever be open.

July 1st: Exhale.

I guess this all makes it kinda final, doesn’t it?


But Black Dog Video will still live on in the form of our online shop! Kind of like a ghost! You can still order movies, shirts, mugs, whatever swag we have.

Remember Video Cat on Cambie (the old Black Dog Video – ignore the awning) is still open and they could use your support. I’ll probably see you in the aisles there getting some choice films.

Everyone be good to everyone out there.

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