The Black Dog Newsletter: Cool With the Kids Edition!

The Black Dog Newsletter: Cool With the Kids Edition!

So as mentioned a few weeks prior, Black Dog Video now has a Youtube channel! It’s where all the cool kids hang out, right? The Black Dog Video Empire! Subscribe and drop in every now and then to see what we’ve posted. We have some of our podcasts up there at the moment, our Friday the 13th marathon (all 13 hours!) plus more to come! Good times.

New Releases!


Blood Immortal – (aka Love Immortal) – Three generations of lady vampires suck their way through society and all of it’s ills.


Broken Hearts Gallery – Romantic hoo-haw finds a young woman starting a gallery for broken hearts after a she goes through a breakup.


Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine – I remember reading this awesome mag back in the day. Here’s a doc about it!


Dinner with Friends – (aka Friendsgiving, blech) – American Thanksgiving with lots of goofy guests. Not this year. Well, not supposed to be anyways. Stay home, America!


Fatman – America’s 2nd favourite racist is back to tickle your yuletide funny and action bones.


The Irishman – (Blu Ray only – DVD coming next week!) – Scorsese’s latest gangster masterpiece might be a little long for some and the de-aging of the old fellas might seem weird but it’s a pretty great film.


Momma’s Man – Dude accidentally moves back in with his parents in this low budget indie effort. Nightmare fuel.


Tommaso – Willam Dafoe (Black Dog favourite!) is an artist living in Rome with his family in this little dramatic effort from Abel Ferrera.

Coming Soon!

The 12th Man
Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin
The Secrets We Keep
Stiv: No Compromise No Regrets
Godfather Coda, The Death of Michael Corleonne
Perry Mason Season 1
Target Number One

And don’t forget that there’s a Christmas coming up sooner than you might expect. We can help! Gift Certificates, masks, T-shirts and lots of movies will be in stock this holiday season. Stuff someone’s stockings! Stuff them good!

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Till next week!

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