The Black Dog Newsletter: Better Late Then…ah I give up”


The Black Dog Newsletter: Better Late Then…ah I give up”

I’m so anxious waiting for my late Purolator delivery that I almost tackled a guy who was carrying a pizza by the shop thinking he was Purolator Man. Hoping for good things before the weekend.

Oh! I almost forgot – we got some new T-Shirts! Check these babies out!


Oh! One more thing before we move onto the movies; we’re looking for DVDs and Blu Rays (and even some VHS) for the shop. Donations (we love donations and will take all), sell or trade for in-store credit. Unload your unwanted physical media into our open arms!

New Releases!
(hopefully here soon!)


Avenue Five: Season 1 – Comedy sci-fi show with Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad about a space ship full of upper-snooty space tourists that gets thrown off course. Let the hilarity begin!


The Craft: Legacy – Sequel to the much-loved film from 96 about some high school witches doing their witchy woman things.


Kajillionaire – The wonderful Miranda July’s latest dealy! Crime, parents, strangers and other things can be found in this treasure chest of a movie.


The Nest – Nice-looking drama has Jude Law and Carrie Coon moving into an English country manor where things take a twisted turn. Or something like that.


Tenet – Christopher Nolan’s latest brain buster action espionage thriller weirdo confusing intense drama hits the home video. You know you want to see this.


The War with Grandpa – Kid doesn’t want Robert DeNiro sharing his room (go figure) so he declares war on the old coot.

Coming Soon!

The Rental
The Last Shift
Made in Italy
She Dies Tomorrow
The Wolf of Snow Hollow
Jiu Jitsu
The Honest Thief

We’ve got a new episode of the podcast up on our new platform, Anchor and on Youtube where we’re adding content as fast as we can. Check it out, subscribe (it’s free!) and laugh.

Christmas movie picks!

Holiday hours are as follows:

Christmas Eve (24th) – Noon till 6pm
Christmas Day (25th) – Closed
Boxing Day (26th) – Noon till 9pm

That’s it for this week, folks. Stay safe, stay sane and keep watching!

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