The Black Dog Newsletter: Best of the Year (2020) Edition!


The Black Dog Newsletter: Best of the Year Edition!

Although it seems strange to write the words “Best of” for such a wretched year, it is my duty to press on with our picks for the best in movies and such for 2020.

But before we get to that, a public service announcement! If you’re looking to unload your DVD collection or know someone who is, give us a buzz. We purchase or give store credit for select items and welcome any and all donations. It helps us to keep on keepin’ on. Thank you.

Onto our regularly scheduled program…

2020 was a messed up year in many regards and the film industry did not go unscathed. Many big titles were pushed back until 2021 so we were left scrambling to find as many interesting smaller films to offer you fine folks as we could. And we uncovered some gems. Here is the Black Dog staff’s picks for the year…


Sorry We Missed You
The Gentlemen
Come to Daddy
Colour out of Space
Wild Pear Tree
Dead Dicks
First Cow

Rest of her list can be found HERE.


(Alex refused to watch any films made after 1990 so here’s what he liked)

Model Shop
The Prisoner (TV)
Sudden Fear
V (TV)
Valley Girl
Village of the Damned
Who Can Kill a Child?


Dylan opted to do a video presentation on our Youtube Channel. Check out what he put together HERE. Oh, and subscribe to The Black Dog Video Empire! It’s free and it’s fun!

Darren (I picked 20 – here’s the first ten. Click HERE to see the complete list.)

First Cow
Sorry We Missed You
JoJo Rabbit
The Nightingale
Death of Dick Long
Tigers Are Not Afraid

Honorable mentions!

Dead Dicks
Doctor Sleep
The Gentlemen
His House
The Hunt
Invisible Man
Old Stone
Wild Goose Lake
Why Don’t You Just Die!

And here’s a small list of the worst films I suffered through in 2020.

2020 was also a year that I discovered old gems and re-watched many classics. When the pandemic started we did a film appreciation class with my kid. Here’s what we watched.

I hope that this year is better in a lot of ways, not just obvious ones. Here’s to 12 months of great cinema and keeping the dream alive!

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