The Black Dog Newsletter: Be a Local Hero Edition!

This week on the Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast…Dylan returns from Scotland alive to join Darren & Alex for a drink and to discuss Bill Forsyth’s odd and magical charmer Local Hero. Digressions include make-out movies, tree witches and Wormwoods Dog and Monkey House which Alex swears is a real place. Pour yourself a scotch and listen in with your ears and enjoy!

And I wanted to toss out a big thank you to all you lovely folks who turned out for my big yard sale movie sale a couple of Sundays ago. Nice to see some familiar and warm faces and sell off some great films. I still have lots more and will be posting them a few times a week on the Instagram and Facebook Black Dog sites.

I’ve got a little gig working for The Vancouver International Film Festival. Drop by International Village, aka Tinseltown, and say hi if I’m around (and catch some cool films)!

I hope that everyone is doing ok out there and enjoy Halloween month!



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