The Black Dog Newsletter April 16-22 “Sale into Our Contest Edition!’


For the upcoming long weekend (Easter or something) we’re going to have a small secret sale at both Black Dog locations. It’s not a big special event sale like we’ve had in the past but just a little something something we cooked up for you guys. Check the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on Friday for details.

Also we have a little contest a brewing! We have several Blu-Ray/DVD combos of the new Glass film by M. Night Shyamalan to give away. But first you must spend the night on a haunted house! Either that or answer this skill-testing question: What is this movie about? Wrong answers only. Best answers win!

New Releases!


The Bouncer – JCVD is back and ready to dole out some Van Damage as an old-man nightclub bouncer struggling to raise his 8 year-old daughter.


Escape at Dannemora – Excellent tough TV show about a prison guard who helps the two cons she’s sleeping with escape!


Escape Room – It’s escape week here at Black Dog Video! Six strangers find themselves trapped in a deadly escape room. I did an escape room in Romania a few years ago. We didn’t make it out but it was fun nonetheless. Perhaps if I spoke Romanian?


Glass – The final installment of M. Night Shymalan’s trilogy nobody knew he was making finds Bruce Willis and Sam Jackson from Unbreakable trying to track down James McAvoy from Split. Glass!


The Kid Who Would be King – Finally a new film from the guy who made the excellent Attack the Block all those years ago! Some sort of Excaliburian quest is at hand for a bunch of kids. Heard it’s pretty good!


Tito and the Birds – Lovely animated fare from Brazil about a kid and his dad who try to find a cure for some illness one contracts when scared or something like that.

Coming Soon!

Free Solo
Vikings S5 pt2
The Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki
Berlin, I Love You
The Charmer
El Angel
Touch Me Not
Unknown Soldier
The World Before Your Feet

Oh, City TV did a little spot on us the other day. And I don’t sound like an idiot (always a fear/chance)!

That’s it for this edition, kids! Have a swell week and hope to see you in the stores soon!

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