The Black Dog Newsletter: A New Day Dawns Edition!

The Black Dog Newsletter: A New Day Dawns Edition!

We have a new website! Dylan has been chained to the radiator in the back room for a couple of weeks existing on a thin stew of mashed bananas and shaved smelt heads while hammering out the details. It is still a work in progress, but check it out We’re hoping to add our catalogue and sales pages to the site among other nice things. Stay tuned.

New Releases!


Archenemy – Max Fist (might change my name to Max Fist), who claims to be from another dimension, teams up with a kid named Hamster to fight crime and other things.


Assassins – Documentary about two women convicted of assassinating Kim Jong-un’s half brother. Were they actual killers or pawns in a mad adventure?


Billie – Documentary of the wonderful Billie Holiday. Jazz!


Fear of Rain – Schizophrenic girl suspects her neighbor may have kidnapped a girl. Who’s gonna believe her?


Girl on the 3rd Floor – Haunted house movie!


The Last Blockbuster – Doc about the last Blockbuster (see title) in Bend, Oregon. Amusing to see such nostalgia wrapped around Blockbuster when, in real life, they were a terrible store. Still, I’ll watch this.


Martin Eden – Nice adaptation of the famed Jack London book.


Sputnick – Russian dude returns from space but he’s not alone! Zoinks! In Russia alien follows you home!


The Swordsman – Nice looking Korean sword movie.


Synchronic – Two New Orleans paramedics have to deal with a designer drug with bizarre, other worldly effects. From the fellas who made The Endless. Totes looking forward to this one!


Tyrel – Black dude goes off into the woods with a bunch of white dudes. Wonder if things work out OK?


You Go to My Head – Cool, strange sounding number about a woman who wakes up in the desert with amnesia. Is that guy really her husband?

Also Criterion releases of Parallax View (DVD and Blu Ray) and Hopscotch (DVD)

Coming Soon!

A Call to Spy
Hidden Life (BR)
The Wolf Hour
The Courier
Croods: New Age
The Last Vermeer
Miss Scarlett and the Duke
Wrong Turn: The Foundation

If you want to order anything please do it sooner than later as the place in Canada that manufacturers the DVDs and Blu Rays is closing and will now be produced somewhere in the States. This means there will be a delay in getting product into your wanting little hands.

That’s if for this week, folks. Stay safe, stay hydrated and keep watching.

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