The Black Dog Newsletter: 2 for 1 Daze!


The Black Dog Newsletter: 2 for 1 Daze!

Not only are 2 for 1 Mondays back in full swing (on Mondays!) at Black Dog Video but this long lovey weekend (Saturday to Monday) pop into Black Dog and snarf up our $5 sale films for the same 2 for 1deal! In addition we’ll knock 10% of our T-shirts and masks! Also 10% off all box sets! We love to love you!

Stay tuned for the announcement regarding the launch of our new and improved website! Coming soon!

New Releases!


All Creatures Great and Small – New version of this lovely show about animals and people and veterinarians.


Bomb City – Punks vs the squares in a small Texas town. Word has this is a fine film!


Freaky – Many laughs, lots of blood and good times can be found in this uber-fun Freaky Friday/Serial Killer High school film. Vince Vaughn is hilarious and scary! Loved it.


Grizzly II: The Revenge – Wanna see George Clooney, Charlie Sheen and Laura Dern fight a bear in this, finally released, nonsense from 1983? Blu Ray only.


Host – Excellent Covid/Zoom conference horror movie where some friends decide to have an internet séance. Things don’t go so well for them. Go figure.


Lost Girls and Love Hotels – English teacher in Japan falls for a Yakusa fella. Wonder how that turns out?


Love and Monsters – Good silly monster fun to be had here as a dude must traverse monster-laden lands to get to his best gal.


Metamorphosis – Face-changing evil spirit takes up residence in a nice family’s home. Blu Ray only.


Minding the Gap – Excellent doc about some young fellas bonding together with skateboarding over their volatile family situations.


The Other Lamb – A girl born into an all-female cult (led by a dude, of course) begins to question what’s what. Cults are bad.


Sky Sharks – Nazi-created flying sharks. Not a documentary.


Spree – Wanting to be internet famous, a ride-share fella has a devious plan.


The Wolf House – Award winning, strange-looking animated fare about a young woman who takes refuge in Chile after escaping a German colony. Looks awesome.

Coming Soon!

(should be on the shelves by Thursday)

Fear of Rain
The Girl on the Floor
Hopscotch (Criterion)
Jazz on a Summer’s Day
Lovecraft Country S1
Martin Eden
Parallax View (Criterion)
The Last Blockbuster
Survival Skills
You go to My Head

Phew! Lots of things coming all for you to feast your lovely eyes and brains on. If you need anything to add to your collection (here’s a few pre-orders if you like) hit us up!

Hope to see you soon in the store! #shoplocal

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