That’s 70 in Dog Years! Black Dog Commercial Drive turns 10!

With all of the hullabaloo surrounding this year’s International Independent Video Store Day these past few weeks I totally forgot that Black Dog’s little brother – the Commercial location  – hits 10 years old this Saturday. We’re usually not into huge celebrations and this year won’t be any different. We’ll offer a nice deal for all of you fine loyal customers – rent 2 and get a third of equal or lesser value for free! Nice. We will also be offering our famous late charge amnesty! Just bring in a donation for the food bank and we will destroy any outstanding late charges you may have right before your lovely eyes! Don’t be cheap, I want to see lots of tasty morsels for the less fortunate of those among us. This offer is only good at the Commercial Black Dog. Hope to see you out tomorrow!

Not too sure what to bring in? I can’t really help you there (obviously something non-perishable) but I can give you a couple of examples of what NOT to donate…

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