Here we are – October – the best month of the year! And it wouldn’t be October (Shriektober this year) if we didn’t put together our annual horror film recommendation list. We’ll try to only include some smaller numbers for your enjoyment, no Shining, Halloween etc. If you’re sitting comfortably, then we’ll begin.

October 1st

Witchfinder General (1968) – Creepy Vincent Price (is there any other kind) traipses  around the English countryside with his trusty pricker-aid murdering folks accused of witchcraft for profit. Based on a real terrible guy! Great atmosphere, some shocking violence, for the time, make this an excellent way to kick out the jams.

October 2nd

Host (2020) – Fun, creative lock-down pandemic horror movie tells the tale of what happens when 6 friends do a zoom call with a medium to see what happens. Can you guess what happens? It’s not good.

October 3rd

The Blob (1988) – I prefer this remake to the Steve McQueen original as it’s more gross, better effects (of course) and quite funny. Good gooey blob movie!

October 4th

Who Can Kill a Child? (1976) – Nice couple of tourists look to vacation on an island where all the kids have murdered all the adults. Well, that’s not where they were actually looking to vacation, it just turned out that way. Excellent, strange, haunting and, at times, disturbing stuff.

October 5th

Relic (2020) – Nice Australian take on the “does grandma have dementia or is the house haunted?” tale. Lots of creepy atmosphere enliven the proceedings.

October 6th

Vampyres (1974) – A couple of naughty, sexy vampires lure unsuspecting English men to a remote castle where they feast upon them after much awkward kissing. They shared the pleasures of the flesh and the horrors of the grave! Fun stuff!

October 7th

Possessor (2020) David Cronenberg’s sprog, Brandon, proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this gloriously insane and impressively violent horror/sci-fi mind-bender. Poor Sean Bean. Love this!

October 8th

Opera (1987) From Argento’s heyday comes this wonderfully twisted tale of stalking, opera and eye needles. All presented with his style and flair for the obscene. Nice.

October 9th

Saint Maud (2019) Great slow-burn craziness ratchets up the tension as we follow a pious nurse and her unhealthy obsession with a dying patient. Loved this film. It’ll be on my best of the year list.

October 10th

Rituals (1977) – Who’s killing the nice doctors out in the woods? Forget The Blair Witch Project and enjoy this nice, tense descent into woodsy hell. And it’s Canadian!

October 11th

American Mary (2012) – Medical student Mary Mason gets involved in the world of underground surgeries and weirdo body modification folks in this nice squirmy twisted  tale from Canadian Soska sisters.

October 12th

The Dark and the Wicked (2020) Brother and sister travel back to their parent’s secluded farm to watch their dad die. Good times, right? But what else is going on here? Something sinister perhaps? It is a horror film.

October 13th

Ready or Not (2019) – Fun take on The Most Dangerous Game theme – New bride meets the eccentric family of her new beau. They force her to “play a game”. Little do they know that she’s up for the challenge. Much carnage and mayhem ensue.

October 14th

The Stepfather (1987) – Secret families, gruesome murders and real estate are the order of the day as psycho Terry O”Quinn tries to balance his work and family life with little success.

October 15th

Housebound (2014) – A young woman is under house arrest in her childhood home. But is there something else lurking about in the house with her and her mom? Something evil? Loved this fun horror/comedy from New Zealand.

October 16th

Martyrs (2008) – Not for the squeamish or those with delicate sensibilities. This  nasty, amazing piece of business follows a young woman’s quest for revenge on her childhood kidnappers and tormentors. Skip the American remake, as usual.

October 17th

Candyman (1992) – Not the bio-pic of Sammy Davis Jr. I was expecting! I had never seen this until last night. This urban folk-tale, bee-infested horror show was way better then I imagined. I never thought a hook for a hand would be a good weapon but Tony Todd proved me wrong.

October 18th

From Beyond (1986) – Love these 80’s crazy films from Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna (Re-Animator, Society, Castle Freak) and this one is some gross kinda fun. Stars to of our favourites – Barbara Crampton and Jeffrey Combs in this squishy tale of other dimensions and strange creatures.

October 19th

Crawl (2019) – Pretty fun “alligators are loose in the house/neighborhood during a big hurricane” type of movie. I love it when animals attack!

October 20th

Pieces (1982) – This movie has it all; gore, nudity, insane dialogue, over the top acting, jigsaw puzzles! Loved this crazy piece of eighties nuttiness. BASTARD!!!

October 21st

Under the Shadow (2016) – How many Iranian ghost story films have you seen? I can probably count them all on one finger. And it’s an excellent finger! Errr film.

October 22nd

Demons (1985) Bunch of randos get invited to a mysterious movie screening only to find themselves at the mercy of some ill-mannered demons (hence the title). Fun, gory shlock from Italy is quite the blast!

October 23rd

Swallow (2019) While not a “scary”horror film it’s definitely a squirm-inducing, unsettling film as we follow newly pregnant Hunter as she increasingly ingests things that she shouldn’t while dealing with controlling pressure from her family. Really liked this one!