Night Of The Crazy DVD Sale!

So about a month ago, Black Dog acquired an amazing truckload (literally) of films from a private collection. Usually when we buy stuff from customers it’s an assortment of uber popular titles – think Dodgeball, Kill Bill, 40-Year-Old Virgin – that kind of stuff. It’s fine but folks are not really interested in these types of films to add to their collections anymore. But upon walking into this person’s house and seeing the films piled ceiling to floor, my mouth fell open. There was nary a boring, top-40 type of film to be seen. Instead it was a finely curated collection of DVDs – stuff ranging from the silent era, classics and noir, war films and documentaries, Criterion collection, crazy drive-in classics, 50’s sci-fi, monster movies, women behind bars, box sets, TV shows and on and on.


I wasn’t kidding!

We’ve gone through the thousands of films, selected what we are keeping for the stores to offer out for rent, priced everything accordingly and are ready to offer it up for sale. Join us on August the 5th, 11pm – 1 am (sorry, it was really the only time that would work for us without closing the store for a day) at the Commercial Black Dog – 1470 Commercial Drive – for an evening of fun, excitement, music courtesy of Jason Zumpano, and just marvel at the wonderful selection of films that will be up for grabs. I hope to see many, if not all of you, there!

They will be priced as follows….

All DVDs will be $10 unless otherwise noted. There are many that will be $5 and some as much as $100. They have been priced to the best of our abilities. We used Amazon and Ebay to see what things were valued at and, in most cases, undercut those prices on an average of 50%. There’s many out-of-print and hard to find titles that may cost more than $10 but we’re being as fair as possible.

Pay in cash and we’ll take care of the tax!

Should be fun!


Excited yet?

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  1. Jonathan Flieder
    Jonathan Flieder says:

    Hi Darren,

    Thank you for the heads-up and this great blog post! For us out-of-towners who follow Black Dog, will the final list of non-rental for-sale titles be posted online and phone-in orders/payment be available when the sale kicks off?

    • Darren
      Darren says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      There’s so many titles that we have – think around 2500 – that I don’t think I could list what we have for sale. This is our first time taking on such an endeavour so we’re going to see how it goes and see what we have left after Friday. Sorry if this isn’t much help.




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