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We’re half-way through the year known as 2017 and Black Dog is still kicking up dust, making a fuss. It’s not easy these days, as you are all well aware, for us to keep on keeping on. Rent is going up, taxes are stupid in this town and folks are less interested, it seems, in what we have to offer. We don’t want to go anywhere and I’m sure the vast majority of you feel the same way. We’ve tried our darnedest to keep things running but it’s a tough road to hoe (that’s a saying, right?). I don’t want to bore you with the same old song and dance but if you like us, maybe you can pop in and pick up something nice, be it a DVD or Blu Ray – we do have the best selection you’re going to find in these thar parts – or check out some of our wonderful merch such as new Hoodies, T-Shirts, Lunch boxes, playing cards, mugs and other stuff! And there’s more on the way !



We’re even going to dip our toes into the fiddly-digit spinners – you know the ones all the kids are losing their minds over! We’ll have some pretty cool ones showing up soon!


If all of you fine folks could see to it to just hit the video stores, even just once a month would help us out greatly, you’d be doing us and the neighbourhood a huge service. Keep it local, as the kids say. Those mega billionaires who own the Amazons and the Netlfix don’t need another giant yacht or blimp equipped with lasers (although that does sound cool). Who wants a world where the only choice is what these services have to offer? That’s no choice at all. If you like what we do, tell your friends, tell you enemies, bring your dog (we have treats!), bring your enemies dog and march on down to “THE DOG” and enjoy the great experience. We’re counting on you.


Thanks for letting me bend your ears.


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