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Just wanted to throw out a big thanks to everyone who dropped by to wish us well and take part in our customer appreciation day this past Saturday. Very large thanks to Jason Zumpano for spinning some awesome sounds over at Commercial and to our generous customer, Aaron, who brought in a tasty cake for everyone to share at the Cambie store. Kudos! We gave away a couple of Blu Ray players to 2 lucky members, rented out scads of films in our sweet 2 for 1 deal, hung out and chatted with folks and generally had a very lovely time.

We have just under 3 weeks to go for our campaign to Save the Black Dog. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far and everyone who has come in to rent. It makes us feel as if we’re still doing the right thing and that we actually mean something to a fair number of people. We’re at 40% of or goal and hope to get over the 50% mark soon. Keep spreading the word! And thanks again!

In the Cambie hood we say bye to Benton Bros Cheese. They had wonderful, if expensive, cheeses. And we loved our cheeses. And we say hello to JJ Bean (we love our coffees) – they will eventually be taking over Gary’s old spot in the Cambie General Store. At least all that asbestos is gone.

In Your Eyes


Appleseed Alpha – More animated fun featuring (probably) monsters, robots, apocalyptic settings and sexy female warriors. Good times. At Commercial, soon to Cambie.


Batman: Assault on Arkham – Cartoon Batman is up his old tricks. The Joker is along for the ride, of course. Just judging by the title, it seems that there may be an ark made of ham involved. DVD.


Bears – Does a bear wear a funny hat and poop in the woods? You’ll have to watch this nature flick to find out. Aww, they’re so cute! Don’t you just want to cuddle them, then have them attack you, eviscerate you and leave you, still alive, in a shallow grave in the woods only to come back later and finish you off? Awww. DVD and Blu Ray.


Cas & Dylan – Crotchety old Richard Dreyfuss goes on a road trip with Orphan Black for some reason. Life lessons, tears and laughs, I presume, are shared. Directed by one of those 90210 kids. DVD.


Filth – James McAvoy is all filthy as a dirty, filthy cop in this badass take on the Irvine Welsh novel. You may need a bath after watching this. Or a shower. Or a sandblast. Your call. DVD and Blu Ray.


Frankie & Alice – Medical drama finds go-go dancer Halle Berry fighting for control of herself against multiple personalities, one of which is a southern white racist. That must make for awkward Thanksgiving dinners. DVD.


Hateship Loveship – Sequel to the under-rated Hateboat Loveboat finds feisty teenage girl making Kirsten Wiig (The Nanny) and Guy Pearce (The Father) get together for romance and all that it entails. DVD.


The League Season 1 – Excellent TV comedy about a bunch of knuckleheads who are into fantasy football. I’m told you need not worry if you don’t know anything about fantasy football (as I do – I assume it’s half-naked ladies riding unicorns that breath fire fighting each other) to enjoy this program. Are you game (get it)? DVD.


Locke – Guy drives around in his car and it’s intense, man! Like really, crazy intense! Oh, and he talks on his phone while driving! Intense, man! DVD and Blu Ray.


Midsomer Murders #24 – Being the first time we brought in a Midsomer Murder collection, we thought we’d start with number 24. You don’t have to have watched the previous 23 installments to know what’s going on. People love this!


Muppets Most Wanted – The Muppets are back along with Ricky Gervais and that funny lady from 30 Rock to entertain the socks right off your feet. DVD and Blu Ray.


The Railway Man – Colin Firth was captured and tortured by the Japanese during WWII and forced to build a railway over the river Kwai. Wait a minute… Anyways, years later he sets out to confront his captor. Hijinks, I presume, do not ensue. DVD.


Wrath of Varja – It’s kung-fu fighting time as Varja (no you didn’t read Vagina, perverts) brings the wrath. His wrath is stronger than your wrath! DVD.

Coming Next Week

Amazing Spiderman 2
Boardwalk Empire Season 4
Fading Gigolo
My Boy Jack
Only Lovers Left Alive
Quite Ones
Rosemary’s Baby
The German Doctor

Suggestions for your consideration…

The world seems like a strange place without Robin Williams in it. Here’s a great scene from one of his best films. RIP.

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