Free Hugs! The Back to School – Oops – Edition Sept, 9th

Well as we all can see by the number of sprogs still running around the parks, the streets, the back alleys and in front of the liquor stores, the kids are not back in school. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Maybe it’s time to recall our moronic Premier. Hell, she couldn’t even win her own riding. Anyways, to help out a bit everyday the kids aren’t in school, Black Dog is offering up all of our catalogue kids films for 2 for the price of 1! That’s in effect Monday to Friday as long as the children roam free.

New Stuff in Your Eyes


Attila Marcel – From the fine folks that brought you the amazing Triplets of B Belleville Not too sure what it’s about but I bet it’s kinda pretty swell and pretty French. DVD.


Captain America: Winter Soldier – Funny, this super-hero would seem to be the lamest of all what with his fancy shield and fancy pants and all, but these films are the best of all of them Marvel Avengers guys flicks. Don’t know what this one is about – I guess he fights a winter soldier! DVD, Blu Ray and 3-D Blu Ray..


ESPN: Catching Hell – Great ESPN doc about that guy who caught the ball at a Cubs game, preventing them from possibly making the playoffs. And if you know the Cubs, they never make the playoffs. Always wondered what happened to that guy. DVD.


The Double – Now it’s a movie with two Jesse Eisenbergs in it! Wow. First a films with 2 Jake Jellyhauls (Enemy – superb!), now this! Oh happy days. Dude has a guy show up at work who looks just like him, but more confident and fun! Crazy shit ensues. DVD and Blu Ray.


Fed Up – Doc about how sugar is making everyone fat and killing us off one slurpy at a time. DVD.


Homeland Season 3 – More espionage shenanigans. Is he a traitor? Is she going to cry hysterically again? Love this show! DVD.


Hornet’s Nest – Dad and his son, or son and his dad, journey into the war zone in Afghanistan to make this intense doc.


Palo Alto – Pretty good flick about a bunch of slacker kids hang out and smoke weed and get into trouble and stuff like that. Today’s youth, with all of their jingy-jangly music and weird clothes! Shakes fist at clouds. DVD.


Willow Creek – Bobcat Goldthwait makes a film about Bigfoot. Cool. DVD.

Old Stuff Just In…


Night Warning – Amazing film from the 80’s about an orphaned kid who’s taken in by his crazy aunt. Weirdness ensues…

Coming Next Week

The Battery
Dead 2
The Fault in Our Stars
The Grand Seduction
Hannibal Season 2
Meeting with a Young Poet
Petals on the Wind
Sleepy Hollow Season 1
The Bachelor Weekend

That’s it for this week, folks. I’ll be taking an extended break from the newsletter to do a spot of travelling. The lovely and talented Jessica will be taking over the reigns.
Be safe, rent well and we’ll talk soon.
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